How much is it worth? (Pic of burn out)

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by MY Cobra, Aug 11, 2004.

  1. Check out the new pics of my car i took today after burning off the old tires..... I am wondering where i can get my car apraised at. will the ford place give me a fair price to ask for it? I have a 99 cobra with the mods you see in the sig plus there is 50,000 miles on the car and 8,000 paint job. any ideas who woudl be able to give me a idea of what to ask for?
  2. another pic to show off the paint job a lil more. please give me a ball park figure of what to ask for or where i can get somebody to look at it that knows what they are talking about and can give me a written or verbal price to ask.
  3. I traded in my 2000 GT with 60K Miles on it, Leather Interior (interior still in good shape), Power everything and I got $8999 for it. I would think if your car is in nice shape, you could see anywhere from $14XXX+ for a personal sale and around $12,500 for a Dealer. Anyways nice car, can I ask what car you will get next?
  4. i am looking to get a new vette i have had my share of mustangs. I have had 3. a 2001 V6 red, a S-281 mineral gray, and my cobra that i have now. so thinkin about getting somethign diffrent.
  5. A chevy dealer is not going to give you much. I was going to trade both mine (see sig) for a 2004 Z06 and they were not giving me much, 16 or 17 for my cobra. it had 27,000 miles or so on it.
    Now I did a kenny Brown suspension x-pipe and catback so I am pretty much going to try and get it paid off once I get some other bills out of the way.
  6. yea i was not going to trade it in. i know they rape you on that. i was wanting to get a place that will tell me how much it is worth. so that i can sell it my self with out getting screwed out of too much cash.
  7. Yea i have done that but are there any places where i can go and have them look at my car? It is hard to factor in a 8,000 paint job. So i do not really know what to ask. If i ask the kbb i get screwed out of 8,000 in paint and detail work. If i add 8,000 to the kbb people will look at me like i am stupid lol (Even more than they already do)
  8. i thought you just got that cobra, why do you want to sell it?
  9. Hate to say it, but I think your 8K paint job just went down the drain if your going to sell it. No one will look at it like you do, I say keep the mustang and strap a KB too it.
  10. I agree, dont put $8k worth of paint on there if you plan on selling it or just dont expect to get the money back, and I agree if performance is what you want, slap a KB blowzillia on it with forged internals and you will see 500 plus with the right tune. corvette's...who needs 'em :lol:
  11. This car i drive every other day. So i do not want to have a engine that can not hold the power or i am always breaking something. Yes i did just get the cobra about 5 months ago. It is not that big of a deal. I just wanted to know aroudn what price to ask for it since i do have 8,000 in paint :nonono: so i dunno what to ask for. how much does it cost to do all that? Another 6 grand to get a super charger and forge it all? I might as well buy a new mystichrome
  12. If you did indeed spend 8K on a Paint Job, then it is going to be better than a factory one from Ford, and it wouldnt cost 7K to throw a KB on your Cobra. Im sure you could do it for about $4500 with everything. I might be wrong but I would lean closer to my price than yours. But like I said, Dealer I dont think you would get more than $13K and Personal I dont think you would get more than $16K. Also, if you want a Vette that bad, wait till the LS2 comes out w/ the 500 RWHP all motor Z06. That will be a car not to mess with :(
  13. your car is worth what someone else is willing to pay for it. Take the high blue book and add a little bit and see if someone will bite.
  14. Regardless of paint, selling a 50k miles 99 cobra isn't going to be easy. You may be able to add 10% of the price of your paint job onto the price of the car realistically. I do know you definitly need to unload that thing before fall/winter though. Prices are going to start dropping on used sports cars soon (it's seasonal).
    I'd say keep it, and build it into what you want. It will be cheaper than the montly payment on a new car.
  15. ha ha ha ha. well i got the car for dirt cheep. it had just been painted. i got it for 11. the guy really needed money. i am looking to get a 05 corvette. i figured if i boguth the car i could turn around and sell it and make some cash after i had some fun with it. so now i need to know if i put 7 grand in to it or if i just buy a 05 vette.
  16. If you can buy the Vette, do it :hail2: