how much rwhp & torque does the V6 have again??

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  1. Hi, does anyone have dyno numbers on a stock 2005 V6. I want to know so i can compare the changes with adding a dual exhaust, intake, and headers. Any one know if the JBA or MAC headers are any good? thanks
  2. 210 horsepower and 240 torque. That's at the crank, not rear wheel, which will vary depending on individual cars and whether you have a manual or automatic tranny.
  3. Is it like a 10% drive train loss? If so that would put like 189hp & 216tq at rear wheels. 15% = 178.5hp 204tq. 20% = 168hp 192tq. I know it's one of those depending on drivetrain power loss.
  4. 15% for manual, 20% for automatics, I've always heard.
  5. So, 178.5hp 204tq for manual & 168hp 192tq. Seems so low, 168 @ rear wheel for my auto, seems awfully fast for 168.
  6. Someone here dynoed their 05 v6 manual at 191rwhp.
  7. Yeah, 20% & 15% sound too much.
  8. actually i believe the standard is 18% (which is a mix between the manual and automatic). Its just how much they underrate the engine. 210hp with an 18% loss is 172 at the wheels. so if its 191 at the wheels, that equates to around 225 at the flywheel. Underated about 15hp.
    the gt's ive seen put down 276 at the wheels stock, thats bout 325, so the gts are about 25hp underrated.

    My matco tools guy use to work at a dyno plant for ford. He says the way they use to come up with the hp #'s was dyno numurous engines, take the one with the lowest hp and take about 10% off of that. He says each engine can vary 10% in power (10% of 300 is 30hp at the flywheel)
  9. Im trying to remember what the 05 v6 auto dynoed at. I think it was like 178hp or something. (automatics suffer much more drivetrain loss)
  10. Very intresting :nice:
  11. Drivetrain loss is not a percentage! There is actually a formula to calculate how much power is lost in the various parts of the drivetrain. I don't have the formula for the 05 Mustang yet. These percentage numbers might get you close but they are not very accurate.
  12. hence the words "about" thrown in sparatically :)
  13. watched a 05 V6 manual dyno yesterday, and I believe it was high 180's low 190s to the ground..
  14. Thats about right. The odd thing bout the guy that dynoed his at 191 stock, only got 199 with a tuner. Im hoping they just didnt set it up right.
  15. A local guy with a 05 V6 got like 210 rwhp tuned...not sure about the rwtq though...thinking 220's?

    Pretty good if you ask me :nice:
  16. CantonRacer wut mods did he have?
  17. I did not do the tune (I was out of town) but my bud said it was stock other an SCT custom bud (he owns the Dyno shop) said he was very, very surprised by the power it made.

    I can find out though for sure...along with timing, afr....
  18. If those are the right numbers with just a SCT tune its pretty good. If you can get the exact tune and numbers that would be helpful because i was thinking about getting one of those SCT tuners. Also since your friends owns the shop, can you ask him how dual exhaust might affect performance.
  19. if he was pushin 210 rwhp he should have been up in the 240's for rwtq. The guy that put down 191 stock put down 211 tq stock. and 222 with a tune (but only 199 hp)
  20. THey're pretty close. Optimistic, in some cases. The '99-'04 V6 Mustangs lost up to 25% through the drivetrain. Many dynoed at 145 RWHP and they were rated at 190 at the crank. Manuals were alot better, around 160 at the wheels.