Engine How Should I Start?

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What should i do Performace Wise?

  1. A good Exhaust system to start off with.

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  2. Cold Air intake should be first.

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  1. I've been having my 2005 Mustang v6 stock.I want to know what is the first part I should install.I want better performance on my Pony. Cai? Exhaust? Superchip? Please help.
  2. Check out our CAI: http://www.steeda.com/store/steeda-...ntake-for-2005-thru-2009-ford-mustang-v6.html

    I would also recommend a tuner to go with that (as it requires a tune): http://www.steeda.com/store/sct-xcalibrator-3-with-custom-tune-for-ford-mustang.html

    Let me know if I can put a package deal together for you.