HOW TO: Changing Factory LEDs in your S197 Mustang

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by Deric, Feb 7, 2008.

  1. The radio readout is originally white. I tried some acrylic and it was unsuccessful. I'm now trying to get someone to cast the original lens. If successful they should be able to cast multiple colors.

  2. Bumping this to see what ever happened with the circuit creation to use multi-colored circuit similar to the Ambient Light deal....... I have both options in the Mustang.....

    I just did a AVIC Z install and I like the blue LED idea. I will likely do that but if the color change option is there....... it would be better. The LEDs on the AVIC Z are very small and only one row. If I put in custom graphics on the radio, I can go with other color schemes and not be tied to the blue.......

    Anyway....... let us know......
  3. Sorry for the late reply. I'm still having issues with building a controller. As a long term project I want to see if I can map the CAN-bus of the MyColor buttons with my carPC. If it is possible I should be able to create an inline controller that just listens for those signals and changes the colors of the add-on kit. I hope to have the manual controller prototype (this will be the 3rd attempt) done by the 1 year anniversary of this thread.

  4. Good Lord! :jaw:I'm speechless. I could NEVER do that, and I'm somewhat mechanically inclined.

    If you need a newscast produced, though, PM me.:nice:
  5. If you master this ! Would you be willing to take orders ..???
  6. If I can come up with an all-in-one solution that doesn't break the bank.

  7. Great write up:nice: Im almost convinced I got the brass ones to do it myself with all that info:hail2:

  8. Thanks! DO IT!!! You won't regret it. The hardest part is the door lock switches and the window switches. I sugest heating them up with a hairdryer (not too much heat is needed) and use a thin plastic wedge to seperate them. If you've soldered before it's not that hard of a project.