How to Delete Smog Pump and Reroute Belt / 302 5.0 Mustang????????????

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  1. Hi there have the 1987 GT Mustang Stock 302 5.0 and would like to remove the Smog Pump completely but need some help on deleteing and rerouteing belt, Help Please, do i need a differnt belt if so what sizes and what to do with brackets etc.:shrug:
  2. IRC you just need a smaller belt. Do a search, this has been covered a lot and I know the belt size is mentioned in there. I ditched mine when I went to off-road H-Pipes. If you haven't ever had it out of there, you'd be surprised how heavy the smog pump is along with the pipes to the cats.

    Actually, I am pretty sure, along with the actual belt part #'s and sizes, there is a diagram of this too.
  3. 1987 Stang 302/Smog Pump Delete Belt Size.

    What size Belt will fit my Stang now that the Smog Pump is Gone? The Stang is a 1987 GT 302. 5.0 Stock Car with no other deletes.
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  4. i delete my smog of course. With all other accesories and without the smog pump, my belt size is a 84 1/2 inch