How To Delete The A/C System ***PICS***

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  1. yesterday i deleted the A/C system.
    i never used i because it had a leak somewhere,and i was too lazy to fix it.
    here in Fresno, CA,it can get hot as hell in the summer,but the window down should be enough to cool me.
    windows will be tinted soon,so that should help aswell:nice:

    the belt i used is for the A/C delete only.
    i have stock pulleys,and the smog pump.
    in CA, i need all emissions equipment.

    some of the pics came out dark,i had to tweek them alittle.
    thats why some will look alittle off.
    also,some of the pics may seem out of sequence.
    just follow in order that i post them,that is the easiest way.

    enough of that,lets get to it.

    1-Set A/C-Fuel Line Disconnect Tools
    1-Shorter Serpentine Drive Belt -Autozone Duralast #1025K6 $26.14 (102.5 in long,6 rib)
    1-Pack Rubber Line Cap's - Autozone #02253 $5.00 (In The Help! Section)
    1-3/8 Drive Ratchet
    1-3/8 Drive Short Extension
    1-3/8 Drive 10MM Socket
    1-1/4 Drive Ratchet
    1-1/4 Drive 10MM Deep Socket
    1-1/4 Drive 8MM Deep Socket
    1-1/4 Drive 5/16 Deep Socket
    1-1/2 Wrench
    1-Medium Slotted Screwdriver.
    1-Trim Removal Tool

    1.Have A/C System Drained.

    -i recommend you have an A/C shop discharge your system.
    my system had nothing in it,so i didnt have to do anything.

    2.main supplies needed,everything else needed are common hand tools.


    3.Remove Air Intake.

    -with slotted screwdriver,loosen band clamp at throttle body
    -remove 8MM bolt at the filter housing
    -disconnect MAF and IAT sensor wire.
    -set intake aside.

    4.Remove CCRM/Overflow Tank Bracket

    -disconnect CCRM connector with 5/16 socket.
    -disconnect Low Coolant connector at Overflow Tank Fill Cap
    -disconnect rubber hose at Radiator Fill Cap
    -remove 10mm and 5/16 bolt at CCRM/Overflow Bracket.
    -pull out as one and set aside.

    5.Remove Radiator Fan.

    -disconnect fan wire
    -remove Two 5/16 bolts attaching fan to radiator.Two on each side.
    -wrestle out and set aside.

    6.Remove Stock Belt

    -take note of belt routing
    -with 3/8 ratchet and short extension,place in hole on Tensioner and press down
    -remove belt,set aside.

    7.A/C Lines.

    -on passanger side,disconnect wire from A/C Pressure Sensor/Switch(?)

    -remove metal clips from around A/C line connectors.

    -place proper size A/C tool on the top line,push in and pull line off.

    -do the same for lower line.

    -at the A/C Accumulator,at firewall on passanger side.
    disconnect the wire from this little guy,move out of the way
    (dont forget to plug it back in when done)

    -place proper size A/C tool on line,press up and pull line up.

    -at coil,remove 10MM bolt holding line down.

    -at A/C Compressor
    on the back of the Compressor,remove One 10MM bolt attaching A/C line assembly to Compressor.
    use the 3/8 Ratchet,10MM Socket,and small extension.

    -pull A/C lines out and set aside.

    8.Small A/C Line

    -at Accumulator,on firewall on passanger side.
    disconnect wire,move it aside.

    ***NOTE:you cannot remove the Accumulator with the lower line connected.the lower line is in the way of the Accumulator bracket,so the lower line must come out first.***

    -at firewall,remove metal clip around LOWER A/C line

    -with proper size A/C tool,push in and pull line off.

    -the line runs along the frame,it is held in place by a small push pin and metal tab.

    -with a trim removal tool,get in there and pop the pin out.

    -bend the metal tab up,remove the line,bend tab back into place.

    9.A/C Accumulator

    -remove metal clip from TOP line.

    -place proper size A/C tool on line,push in

    -at Accumulator bracket,remove Two 10MM nuts,One on each side

    -push A/C tool in,pull line out and remove Accumulator from car

    10.Cap The Evaporator lines.

    -i found these rubber cap at autozone,use the Two 3/4 inch caps,slide them on.the fit very snug,so i didnt use the clamps.

    11.Remove The A/C Compressor.

    -i thought i could work around the Battery,but there was little room.
    with 1/2 inch wrench,remove Battery.

    -disconnect wire on the side of the Compressor.

    -on the side of the Compressor,with your 1/2 wrench remove Four long bolts.
    Two on top,Two on bottom

    -remove from car

    12.Remove A/C Condensor.

    -on passanger side,remove One 5/16 bolt on Radiator Bracket,set aside.

    -on driver side,remove Two 5/16 bolts,set Bracket aside.

    -pull Radiator up and out of its lower mounts,tilt towards Motor.

    -on Radiator Support,remove Two 5/16 bolt,One on each side,that attach the Condensor to the Support

    -pull Condensor up and out.

    -remove lower Condensor mounts,just wiggle them up and out.

    -reinstall your Radiator.

    13.Install Short Belt.

    -i found the correct length searching Online.
    this is for A/C delete only.
    i'm still using stock pulleys and Smog Pump.
    it measures 102.5 inches long,6 Ribs.
    is routed in stock location.

    -for the loose wires,i just folded them over and zip tied them together.

    14.Reinstall everything the way you took them out.
    make sure you connect whatever wires you disconnected.

    15.Everything That Came Out.


    16.All Done!

  2. how much does all that weigh?
  3. I scrolled to the end of this thread to reply, as I will never read it. If I suddenly decided to put an 1800hp alcohol engine in my car, it would have an AC compressor on the front of it.

  4. you are weak if you dont do it...
  5. no idea,dont have a scale.

    i can take the heat:D

    the only reason i removed it was,in the 7 years i've owned it.
    i may have only used it 1,maybe 2 summers.
  6. Not true. I just spent 5 and a half hours driving my Mercedes Diesel home in the GA heat yesterday. I just appreciate the finer things in life, like Air Conditioning

  7. If you ever wont to sell that ac system send me a pm, I need everything under the hood.
  8. Hell ya...Nice write up....My motors out and I'd love to yank all that you I never use it.... only mine does work good....:D
  9. I will absolutely never do this, but it's an awesome write up as always! :nice: And +1 enjoying the finer things, drive around one summer day in Az where the temp in the shade is 115 and higher learn to appreciate a/c :) "feels like 115" and actually being 115 are way different. But anyhow....does it look that much cleaner without everything? it's kinda hard to tell in the pics
  10. Never seen a Mustang with a deleted AC, and still has a smog pump. I would kick the smog pump, and keep the AC. Screw you Al Gore.

  11. i'll try and get better pics today,if i install the BBK CAI i just picked up.
    there is alot more room in there,i can actually get to all my header bolts now!

    but now i need to shorten my plug wires.
    i'll prolly get a new set.
  12. here's some better pics.








  13. Not all of us live in hot humid weather. With that being said thanks Davis for the thread, Ive been meaning to do this for awhile now and will be very soon, its good to have a write on on it!!!!
  14. I dig it. I think you're helping me do a AC delete here soon...
  15. :nice: Looking clean! Like the bbk cai too, my mac just goes mostly straight which is kind of annoying and gets in the way
  16. I think this is the clincher for me. I'm pretty sure I'll be doing this sometime this year. I do live in a state that gets hot and humid, but the '95 isn't my daily, so I'm not worried about it. Thanks for the write up! :nice:
  17. Dammit!!! :bs: Beat me to it. lol Good write up, but I'm with Kurt on this one. If I could find that manifold line set off the back of the compressor, I'd have mine working ASAP! Can't drive it to work and pick up the kiddos (4 & 1-1/2) in the hot, humid summer with no air. :(

    Again, great job on the write up!
  18. Nice right up.... Welcome to hell... where there is no AC!

    But look at all the room you have now! i love it but then again i dont drive my car... the way i look at it with a vert is if its too hot to drive with the top down ill take the focus.... lol
  19. Check my thread got the tool to do it and the wire ends for under $20:nice: