Bullitt how to get gauges?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by mustangGT03281, Jun 3, 2004.

  1. Guys i need some help here. i have a 2003 GT because i didnt get a bullitt im starting to feel the need to replicate(even though my color is nothing like a bullitts). i know where to get almost everything for this replication, with one exception. i cant seem to hunt down those great looking retro gauges. i think they are the same ones in the new mach 1. does anyone know where i can get them? i would love to hop in my car and hear that 60's exhaust rumble followed by looking down at some hot retro gauges, thanks guys! :flag:

    can anyone help me here? :(
  2. you know thats a great question, where do you get those? does anyone know? i cant seem to find them either
  3. ive been tryin, no one else seems to know either
  4. does anyone know? come on, someone has to? or are you just not sharing....
  5. well then, its getting a little lonley in here.... someone please help me!!! you cant tell me no one has done this yet? there has to be someone out there.....
  6. My girlfriend got mine for me on e-bay for $120. Yes they are the same as the mach 1 gauges.
  7. thanks, i'll check ebay
  8. Will they fit in a 94 GT or do I need to do some fabrication?
  9. If you want or need a new one try www.1stFordParts.com, they are expen$ive but their price/service has always been the best I could find on new items.
  10. There is a bullitt gauge cluster currently on ebay if anyone is interested.