How to order parts for your Camaro!

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  1. The wait is finally over!

    I've been waiting to see a picture of Cro for the longest time. Now we also find out he's a closet case camaro lover.
  2. Tell Amanda "my pic" is up so she'll stop PMing for it.
  3. ahhhh ahhhh....myyyy eyeess theyyy burn ....they burn!
  4. SWEET! joe dirt 2 : Even Dirtier ??? :hail2: :rlaugh:
  5. Hey man, no need to get harsh, I mean, so what, my dad likes crapping outside, but give the man a break, its hot in the house :(
  6. You sure he's not ordering JcWhitney parts? Sumitt might be a little pricy for him.

  7. very funny haha. :p

    hey cro kiss it once again :nice:
  8. no wonder I never get anywhere ordering stuff, I gotta get an outdoor toilet.
  9. Yeah so I dug up the oldest thread that wasn't lopped off in the great crash.

    There were others but they had dead links etc. :shrug:
  10. I'm drunk, (on a Tuesday) and I'm wondering....."Who the hell are these guys"?

  11. They are the ghosts of Mustang's past.
  12. Crovax is the only name I know