How would these wheels look?

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  1. I like them! Not sure how they would look on a stang, but I think they would look great with that deep lip. :nice:
  2. Thanks for posting them. How'd you do that, I really need to learn. :damnit:
  3. About them on a stang, I think they would look sweet. I mean, almost all the stang wheels have something to do with a star. Why? Because, in my opinion, is what looks best on our cars. I think they would look awesome, but still wanted to hear from you guys.

    PS, I can get all 4 locally for about $1500 with tires and all. NITTOs, to be exact.
  4. I tried that and I got that big red x you see on top. I copied the link I posted and put the [​IMG]
  5. [​IMG]
    What about these?
  7. Holy sheet, it worked. Thanks Mike.
  8. No prob. :nice:

    I like the second ones better, but for the price difference between the two I would probably go with the first ones. Unless price doesn't matter :p
  9. I wish price didn't matter, but it does. When it comes down to my car, when I like something, I go for it, even if it means eating beans for a couple of days. Still debating which ones look better. The first ones seem to be a little more "ballsy", they look a little tougher and the second ones looks a little "high class".
  10. Those wheels look tough.
  11. Which ones?
  13. What don't you like about them Super?
  14. I do like the look of the "rivets" on the Akuza's better, it's just the center cap Im not sure about. :scratch: It looks good, but I like the Foose center better. They both look killer.

    I know what you mean about buying what you want for car even if the price is a little high. I do the same thing with mine. :D But for the price difference between those two and how similar they look, I would go with the first ones. It sounds like you like them better anyways ;)
  15. First ones, no question about it!!! BUY THEM....NOW!
  16. if they were free i'd think about it, but i wouldnt spend money on them :rlaugh:

    thats just my crappy opinion though.... :rolleyes:
  17. SIR, YES, SIR!!!!!! :rlaugh:

    Mike, you were right, I do like the first ones a little better.

    Super, an opinion is an opinion. :D
  18. Those are gonna be a beyotch to clean...all those rivet things. Yikes!!

    They'll look good on a 'stang though, especially since you've got springs. 18's look like crap if your car isn't lowered.