I did it I sat behind the wheel of an 05

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  1. Well guys,

    Today was the day. I slipped behind the wheel of a redfire 05 gt. First thing I have to say is : IT IS SOOOOOO MUCH BETTER LOOKING IN PERSON THAN ON THE NET. Secondly got some info from Hau ti's boss. She was there to answer questions and boy did I unload so here goes.

    Will there be an 18 inch wheel option: Yes there will be as soon as we get some issues cleared up

    What are the flaps by the gas tank: (I felt them there actually rubber) They are rock gaurds to protect the fuel tank.

    Will the steering will change in 06 due to safety standards: No this steering wheel meets every standard and will be continued through 06 and beyond.

    Will there be an engine cover: We are trying to get it through on a stripe package next year.

    What will the convertible top be like: It will have glass and have a 5-7 rib system (I forget which she said). It will not be cloth initially and will eventually be replaced by cloth.

    What will pricing be: We are trying to keep pricing within 2-300 dollars of current pricing on all levels. The v-6 will be just under 20k

    Any news on SEs and who hard it will be for tuners to break the code to modify the computer programming:
    We have given 2 protoypes for shelby to work on, we also having given them to saleen and Roush is activley working on the mustang cobra the hardest thing for them will be the throttle by wire system however we have know the enthusiast will want to modify.

    Is the stamp in the hood to clear the intake or...: she finished my sentence with shaker and said now you know I can't answer that. lol

    What will be the next iteration of the cobra be called:
    It will be called the Ford Mustang Cobra.

    That is all I remembered to ask and I got a picture of an exhaust tip for the guy who wanted one. I sat in the passenger seat and it wasn't really that great. The side bolster wasn't even near my sides and is to far away from the seat to help. The sound quality when we reved it wasn't that good. I think the mach had a better exhaust tone. The control surfaces were great and the whole interior really looked great. I sat in the back and had plenty of headroom (I am 5 10" ) and had a guy 5 8 in front move the seat to a normal comfortable position. The bucket effect of the seat really helped in this. Also the positioning of the airbag in the seat was great and the lever to fold down the seat was at the top and easier to access to let people in the back. Trunk space was awesome but the same narrow opening from the sn95. The tunnel for the tranny ran all the way back and there is no way to seat three in the back anymore. The shifter was not any shorter the tunnel was just raised. The shifter was smooth and there was a hydralicly assisted clutch which was very light. The mirrors although bulky made it really easy to see and the only problem i had with the interior is if I shifted to third my hand was hitting the center stack. The seats folded down nicely however the opening to the trunk was much smaller due to the bucket of the seats. I also noticed that the tires fit great in the wells although the bullit wheels will be much better looking. I have pics of the car with the black insert in the bumper and will post all the pics later. Either way its a beautiful car that the lady from ford was expecting to 175k units because thats all the factory could make and that the demand would be for over 200k. Great car but I am keeping the mach. I will however be purchasing an se model later to compliment her in the garage. Great car and you guys are going to love em.

    Thanks for tuning in.
  2. I got to DRIVE one today...beat that :p
  3. i can beat that. i built one in my garage using only a piece of string, gum, and a paper clip. HA

  4. No, seriously. Ford had a meeting with dealers in San Diego, CA today to sample and show the new 2005 Fords and I got to go with a friend who works at the dealer I lease my cars from. I wont waste time with much details because I am sure everyone will call :bs: on me anyways. Its fast, it sounds like a current Mach 1, its awesome, and I cant wait to get one and I should be ashamed for ever doubting it.

    By the way...I dont know how people are claiming to see them on the road, one of the Ford reps said there have been only 10-12 built so far.

  5. So how fast did it feel? I've heard them, and I think they sound great, can't wait to drive one myself..
  6. whats it gonna be made of initially then?

  7. It will be made of vinyle.. yuck....
  8. good info. :nice:
    I sat in one myself and reached the same conclusions.
  9. thanks I will get that pic asap my webmaster took all the pics for our clubs website. I will get one tomorrow when I see it again with a ruler for you..... Also I will have the priveledge of driving one by the end of the month woohoo..

  10. Not true, they are all over the place. There are at least several dozen of various prototype level cars running around the country, if not more.
  11. not to conclude the 12 production cars that or on the legends tour
  12. Its fast, a TON faster then the 215 hp Stangs and even much faster then the latest 260 hp ones. Hate to draw this comparison again but it feels about as quick as an SS Z28 and the handling is much improved. I doubt too many here have driven one, but I would say the handling is very comparable to the Roush 3's amazing handling, and thats saying alot.
  13. This is NOT correct.

    There are:
    3 - hand built prototypes, built last November - December
    60 - P2 cars, 2nd build prototypes, made with machine made sheet metal, these were built built in January - February 2004
    120 - Pilot production run cars that were just built about 2 weeks ago.
  14. Hold on, hold on. Are you really saying that you were able to sit comfortably back there without your legs being cut off?
  15. Does the car feel more roomy than the current, about the same, or more cramped?
  16. How does the driver's seat feel compared to the current car? Do you sit in or on top of the seat?
  17. I'd like to know that also.

    That's the first thing I'll evaluate when they finally get here.

  18. Sorry I didn't see that anyone had responded. The seats were comfortable but the bolstering is to far out to be of any use. The headrests were great but there was no dip or give on the seat. The back seats were great... I had someone in front of me who was 5'9 push the seat to where he was comfortable.... I had plenty of room and the handle for the seat being on the top made it easier to get in and out.

  19. Once again, it sounds like Ford screwed up.
    Don't they get it?
    The looks and reputation of the car get people in it,
    but once they are there sitting in the seat, they have to like it.
    The car has to feel good around you while you're driving it.
    It sucks that a cheap Hyundia Tiburon ($21K loaded) has seats that feel 10 times better than a Mustang!

    OK. I'm off my soapbox... for now. (flame suit on)

  20. why did they cahnge the seat design from the 98's anyway.. i really liked the way the seats feel in my father-in-laws 98 Roush. Soooo much better than my 2000