I guess the antilock brakes dont work cause they locked up and now my car is totalled

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  1. :nonono: Someone in an SUV stopped fast in front of me at about 25 MPH and I turned the wheel and hit the brakes but it locked up and hit their tow hitch. Hit the dr side light, bumper hood and both air bags popped. Car looks like freaking new other than that but 6k + dammage.:nonono:
  2. That sucks.... I would buy it back from the insurance company to salvage the engine and tranny at the very least.
  3. Ouch man thats sucks. Buy it back and rebuild it stronger, faster, and better.
  4. sorry to hear that man... hopefully you have collision insurance. Either buy it back and strip the parts you want or I'm sure you can rebuild it as long as there is no frame damage.
  5. holy crap!

    that kind of thing is my worst nightmare.

    and it's not april 1st either.

    what are you going to do?
  6. Yep, it sucks. It LOCKED up and wouldn't go in the direction I wanted. Body shop wants 6k to fix, and value is only like 4.5k? So I a mwondering how I would even fix it...I may have to buy another and transfer the parts.
  7. i feel your pain my friend

    i had this car and a 16 yr old girl turned across traffic right in front of me and i slammed into her

    it was totaled too. it had 14,000 miles on it. i thought i was done with mustangs, so i bought a mazda millenia with the money. that lasted about 6 months. then i got a 1996 black vert, which i sold a year later and bought the 1995 i have now.


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  8. Thanks man. I appreciate the condolences. That was a beautiful car you had there. Do you know if MD requires air bags in a car? Older cars dont have them and I was wondering if I need them. They are $2200 alone.
  9. PM 69clark as he just removed his, maybe he will sell them
  10. "Fastening a seat belt while driving has become second nature to many U.S. motorists, and driver and passenger airbags have been required in vehicles manufactured since 1998 as an additional safety mechanism."

    Looks like only cars "manufactured since 1998"
  11. BTW- I'm sorry to hear about the car. Let us know what you decide to do.
  12. Sorry about your car, just tear it down and get another one to put your stuff on. it will never be the same to you. I had a 93 lx that was hit last year and got It fixed and it was not the same. Then some drunk came along and finished it off at a local cruise in when he landed on it with his honda. It really sucks but you have all the stuff there to get another car back up to speed in no time. Pain in the butt for sure but probably the better option.
    But whatever it is you decide I hope its one that you can be happy with. You dont have any pictures do you. It is so hard to determine how bad something really is. Again I am sorry about your car and maybe I am wrong and it is worth keeping but will you be happy with it?
  13. the airbags on my car are blown from an accident i was in.... I have not replaced them because from what I read, you don't have to. It is illegal to remove airbags that are functional but if they go off in an accident you don't have to repair them. You might have to put new ones in if you ever sell the car though.
  14. I replaced mine but got them cheap-MPS!

    I painted them and they came out ok. I am planning on just getting rid of them with the money comes around. I looked at the aftermarket steeringwheels a long time ago I did lots of research to find the hub needed for the steering wheel. Momo has one if I remember correctly. Go with something nice, Grant seems readily available but didnt offer anything (especially that I would deem suitable) for our cars.

    Also you should check around to see what others have done with their steeringwheel colum. Behind our steeringwheel/airbag is a bulky colum which needs to be tastefully dealt with.

    I have a passanger airbag delete panel which I bought from Florida50. I have not put it in yet but it comes with velcro(it does look a little rough...). The nice thing about the velcro is that you can put your ignition box behind it which grants access anytime you want to change parameters (n20, rev limiter, timing...)

    Keep our thoughts in mind. Also consider the fact that you may have an airbag dummy light on in your dash if you remove them. I have been told you can use electrical tape to cover the light up though there may also be a way to tune it out with some aftermarket software (I dont know who can do that though). Also keep in mind that removing your airbags poses insurance risks to your passanger riding shotgun. I have no idea if this is true or not but pure common sense tells me that they could sue the pants off you for not replacing the airbag. Afterall you jeapordized their safety. To fight that fact I bought some Sparco Torino 2 seats with 4pt belts. Their head has to pop off to hit the dash.
    Keep us updated and post some pics!
    I'm sorry about this man, it happened to me on 9/11
    I got new headlights, corners, used airbags, and my heat extractor hood out of it. My bumper is still scratched to hell though.

    My other advice when it comes to insurance is to have the most expensive shops in your area submit repair estimates to your insurance company. That way they can give you fat check. This can work against you and they could use the estimates to total your car-working in their favor. So in that case get low end shops to re-estimate the damages to your car in a way that it will keep the insurance company from totalling it. Then after they cut you the initial check take your car to the best shop you can find. This is what you pay for, do not feel guilty you are doing nothing wrong. Have the best shop do all the repairs and make sure they give it back to you in better than new condition. Then submit the extra expenses to your insurance company as "supplemental expenses." They have to pay them, its part of your coverage. They may be pissed but thats natural, they are not making money off of you. Take advantage of your situation-if you dont they will and you will lose out.
    In a nutshell, thats how to deal with your insurance situation.
    PM me with any questions,
  15. that sucks nuts

    to help, get air bag delete panels. they are only like $60 a piece
  16. man this sucks. but for sure take out the engine and tranny. Just dont tell the insurance it has **** in it. My friend wrecked his gtp and had a built tranny he had just put in and he told his insurance company and the next da they uped the price like 1,000 from what they had originilly said
  17. +1000 for sucking big time. Sorry to hear about that.

    Hope it all works out in the end.

    You could always take the $$$ and buy a bike...
  18. scares me my ABC has mysteriously come on in the past few weeks. i have no idea...1st the car would hafta be rolling for it to come on....and now its just always on as soon as i start it. My rear end just went out on me but other then that i dunno what else its related too. my friend said those sensors go bad alot
  19. no, sorry, i don't know, but it looks like you found the answer already

    when my air bag went off, it gave me a bloody nose. anything like that happen to you?