I guess the antilock brakes dont work cause they locked up and now my car is totalled

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  1. That sucks but from expierence that is not 6k in damage if you do it yourself...When i got in my accident I screwed up my header panel, both headlights, hood and that was pretty much it...At the same time when i bought the car the fender was a little screwed up and I also replace that. I got the header panel for $100 or so, headlights for like $80 or $90, hood was like $635 with tax (Cervinis + they are in NJ), fender was like $120 shipped...Then I got my whole entire car painted for $1500...The airbags i did it the cheap way. Our steering wheel style airbags come in other ford cars such as tauras and escorts. So I found and escort took its module, sensors and driver side airbag from the junkyard for $100 on a side impacted car...I then had to modify the bracket for the module and the airbag sensor modules to fit right. for the passenger side I ripped the airbag out and took the cover off of it (drilling out all the pop rivets) I then super glued the cover back together identically and repainted it the stock color after I knew it would hold. I then glued the cover right over where the airbag normally goes and it looks like I have one...The only thing is you wont have a working passenger airbag so tell people to buckle up. It also takes about a whole day to do...just make sure you have a buddy.
  2. or you could buy one of the new corvettes your in love with:rlaugh:
  3. I have the delete kit installed in my 95. No more airbags. I survived a 105mph collision with a concrete wall in a 1994 Hyundai elantra with no airbags...maybe I am just extremely lucky to walk away from that.

    BTW if you get the car back and part it let me know. I will buy the tranny and accessories.
  4. Just buy the mexican air bag for the steering wheel(just a dummy cover) and cut the blown back out of the passanger side.
  5. Thanks for all your thoughts and ideas guys. I think I was in shock yesterday from it all. The car (to me) doesn't look all that bad. They are going to total it so after I get the check, I will figure out what to do. I would rather keep it and fix it. The engine, rad and even pass side light is fine.

    Air bags are about half the cost and then the rt driv side panel, radiator support, headlight supprt, hood, bumper are blown to hell. Everything else is fine. No leakage and drives very well. I will try to get pics up.
  6. any ideas...keep and rebuild or are you gonna look for a new stang?
  7. R.I.P Mustang R.I.P