I Hate Odd Noises

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  1. I have a 2001 Bullitt. I get this vibration/grown when taking off in first normally. cant seem to figure it out. New struts, springs, rotors, brakes, wheel hubs. the sound last a second. only at certain rpm. almost like the car has to hit a certain vibration from accelerating before it happens. only hear it on acceleration.

    are there any points I could grease or lubricate ?

  2. Could be bad motor mounts, or unbalanced driveshaft. Is it automatic or standard?
  3. hey is a standard. how to check for bad motor mount and unbalanced drive shaft?

    thanks for the reply
  4. Bad motor mounts would have the motor shaking around a lot more than normal but if they were bad I would imagine you would notice it when driving at any speed. The driveshaft you can go to a shop and have them balance it for you. A unbalanced driveshaft would cause noticeable vibration but I could be wrong.
  5. What are the chances of it being an un balanced shat? what would cause the shaft to go out of balance?
  6. thanks everyone. Its actually not a vibration issue that i feel, its more like something vibrating causing a sound.
  7. Could it be a bad lower ball joint? the boots are torn. I purchased the car used. No telling how long its been torn. can ball joints make noises other than "clunking sounds" ?
  8. Most of the time you can check mounts by a visual inspection, have also put a piece of wood under the pan and gently tried to raise the engine/trans. and watching the mounts(usually separation of the rubber from the steel).
  9. Ball joints can make a metallic squeaky sound but its more a turning thing than an acceleration or rpm thing.

    Maybe not the whole drive shaft but the u joints could also be shot.