35th Anniv I just picked one up....

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by QuickCapri83, Mar 5, 2006.

  1. Sweet, now you just need to replace the rear applique'
  2. Nice! Red seems to be the color of choice!
  3. That sucks about the rear honeycomb panel. What is low mileage though? How many miles does it have?
  4. Welcome to the ranks! :nice:
  5. 58k miles. For me, for a stang, that's very low. But, i'm too used to the 5.0, I have alot to learn about the sn95 and the 4.6. Thankfully I have the'99, I was pretty disgusted the first time I drove a '98 stang GT. Big difference they did a good job with the heads and all, on the 99+ 4.6.

    So yeah i'm a newb to sn95 period, and new to the ohc too, im sooo used to ohv I could rip apart my motor and throw it back together in a day, ofcourse that doesnt include picking the motor and putting back in.

    Any advice for me, for my 35th?

    One thing i've noticed, the power is inconsistent, just like my 5.0's I had. But with them, they just wanted to be cool, and they'd run great.

    The newer cars I guess are made to run hotter, better for emissions or whatever, but...I dunno it's like one minute It feels like a cobra, and the next a stock fox stang or something. Although on the highway it is always consistent, 3rd through 5th it pulls strong as hell all the time....

    I've ordered a magnaflow magnapac and a roush cold air. Hopefully they'll help some.

    Overall im happy with it, it's certainly stronger than the 5.0, and from what i've read, and understood, the 4.6 seems a far more reliable engine also.

    But i'm sure it's not like a 5L where I blow a head gasket and 4 hours later i'm driving again....LOL ......yes, sometimes i'd just throw the heads right back on, not even have them checked.