I know of a real cheep 4 eye'd

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  1. one of my buddys picked one up a Black 4 eye'd while ago I don't know for sure what year but it's carb'd and it's a 5.0. I think $500 would take it he said he has to manny projects right know. It sat for a while and needs some love'n. Someone added a sunroof and some bondo around the sunroof is craking and falling off. I can try and snap a few pics this weekend if anyone in this area is interested.
  2. If you guys were closer, i'd be all over it. It could live in the warehouse next to my 79 RS Capri.

    Cliff :)
  3. Same with me, I need a new engine, I'm debating going carb/efi.
  4. For $500 I might pay for shipping... how bad is customs? I know when I went to the Bahamas I had a dog sniffing my butt.
  5. The car needs work mainly body work But it does run. I am off work next week so I will go talk to him and see about getting more info and a for sure price and some pics. I know what he paid for it and he would even be making money selling it for $500 lets put it this way he will be getting his money back 2 1/2 times but he drove almost 3 hours away and brought it back on a trailer
  6. hmmm... I'll keep it in mind but don't go to trouble- there is an evil wife involved. She is a beautiful rose covered with thorns.
  7. I just talked to one of the guys that works for him and he thinks he wants $400 for it but I am going to ask Dave (the owner) probly on Monday.