I need a blower!

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Crackerballer, Aug 18, 2004.

  1. Wassup guys, I need a girl, like 5'5'', long shiny hair, nice rack....

    Just kidding, anyway, I want to get a blower for the ole Cobra. I am in college, so funds are VERY limited. Max HP is not an issue at first, just trying to get a good reliable kit at around 6lbs of boost or so, and then I can upgrade.

    I was thinking of buying a vortech tuner kit, and then piecing the rest together. At 6lbs or so, am i gonna need bigger injectors? Anyway, help me out guys, give me some ideas, Im tired of loosing to my friends 02 SS. And damn SRT-4s are running around with bolt ons making 250-300hp, not to mention STIs and Evos. Thanks
  2. Just buy the complete kit. The tuner kit is missing a few parts, and it will prolly cost you more after you peice it together. The Vortech V2-SQ is the standard 8lb kit. That is the amount of boost the kit will make, no higher unless you change pullies and no lower. You could get away with stock injectors if you have the stock manifolds, a good in-tank fuel pump (255LPH) and the T-REX (in-line fuel pump), and an FMU. I have long tubes, so I needed 42lb inj., and I have no FMU, but I have both fuel pumps in my car. Car runs great, and is very fast. You may want to buy a good radiator too, even if your car is not a 96. It cools down my car better than a cold shower on a hot day!! :) Anyways, You will be able to beat your buddy in the SS like a red-headed step child. My time at the track wasn't the best, but I was on street tires, launching at idle, and backing off the gas, because of the tires were smoking like no other. I have an 11 second car all day long but I don't want to break my T-45 with slicks. I still get 17 miles to the gallon too!!
  3. Next question, who sells it the cheapest? I really want to get a vortech.
  4. Just so you know, he was listing a fuel system set up for a return style setup. 99+'s have returnless. You could go with a Focus or Aviator fuel pump, or if you have the money, an 03 dual pump tank and pumps.

    Get the complete kit...it comes with everything you need, but don't install their fuel pump, get one of the pumps I mentioned above....and get a custom tune.

    Can't help you on the best price question.
  5. thanks 99svtaddict, it is tiem to start saving for the blower.