I need a new hood scoop, not sure what to get

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  1. I'm really caught as to what I want to do for a hood scoop.. with my 351w in the car, it sits a lot higher than my 302 did, which I expected.

    So now I'm trying to figure out a scoop that will work well. I've thought about the Boss 429 scoop, it's rather large, but I'm not sure how I want to go about it.

    I need a scoop that's at least 2.5" tall, 3" is the best bet though.

    Here's a few pics.

    With hood:

    Without hood:

    Any ideas/suggestions? There's the one II that has the Boss 429 scoop, doesn't look too bad imo, I'd like to see it on a solid white car though. Here are the pics for those who aren't sure what I'm talking about.

    Any ideas are greatly appreciated.
  2. If you don't want to go with the Boss 429 scoop, there's the Mercury Cougar Eliminator scoop. It's the same scoop, just a little lower profile. Sorry, I can't help you with which you should get. I'll be asking the same thing this spring, but I'll be running a Victor, Jr. intake.
  3. Yeah, I was originally considering that, but I did some researching, and I think it's only 2" tall, which isn't enough for me, I think 2.5" is still cutting it close. I need something that's 3" tall.
  4. How about a 3" cowl hood scoop?
  5. Hmmmmm, Does that mean the 302 will be up for grabs??? <rubbing chin>

  6. :)

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  7. Tear Drop

    I'd be interested to actually see what the tear drop scoop will look like on the MII. It looks kinda wierd if yuh ask me.

    NO offense.
  8. I agree 100%. The Boss 429 scoop is too big IMO, but the Eliminator scoop would be prefect. I've had both scoops on Cougars I've owned in the past. Get rid of that junk Edelbrock air filter, and get a nice low profile 14" round, and you'll probably drop the height down.

    Or you could go old school like my old 351 Ghia...

  9. comment

    CobraIIlover you never sieze to amaze me with your ideas. My life in now complete. I have now seen a snorkle scoop on a MII. If I seen that going down the road I'd probably crash due to lack of paying attention to the road, wondering if that really was a MII doing down the road with a snorkle scoop.
    As many people, they want there car to be differant from all others. Yuh know to make it have its own origanality. You sure did that for yourself there guy. But after seeing that yellow 78 with the 4.6 EFI with the cowl. I am hell bent on going with the cowl. I also will have big hood clearence issues. I at first, didn't want to mention it to this guy pondering his air intake question. Due to just plain not wanting to see many MII's with the cowl. As to have mine have some kind of origanality. But it does look dang sweet and it would work very well. Maybe someone should post a pic or 2 of that car for him to check it out. I think his mind would be made up.

  10. here is a crappy pic of a camaro 2" cowl on my II like 10 years ago

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  11. scoop

    Its kinda funny that that guy was looking into the BOSS 429 scoop. I was at Borders today reading 2hrs worth of MII literature and I saw some pics of the BOSS 429 and I thought to myself, " wow I bet that would look cool on my II". Yes it does look pretty neat. As a mater a fact before I tore my 78 down for the project, I had a scoop that looked very very similar to the Cobra Jet scoop.
    I don't even want to show anyone pics of my ride before I tore into it it cuz you guys would hunt me down and shoot me. It was very very nice. Almost perfect. But the engine bay needed work. Along with the undercarriage, suspension, brakes, and all the hoses, lines, nuts, bolts, washers. But the Paint was only 5 years old and the motor only had 25K on it. The interior was all done up. And it was dang fast as it was. Had lots of mods when I got it. It did high 12's as it was. But I guess once you get used to the speed you always need more.

    P.S we need a strickly MII chat room. Once I get going I don't stop. Sorry guys

  12. I am also wondering what kind of scoop to use I will probably need a scoop about 2 inches tall. I really like the cobra jet but I think it might be to long its like 28 inches and the mini cobra is too small. So if anyone knows of scoops that look good and has the measurements please post them
  13. I think you would do better to have the center of the hood built up like a cowl induction etc. then run the scoop you like the best on the car. Then again I would seriously look into a lower base air cleaner or a linx with a K&N filter. I have seen way too many of those little foam filters melt, including the one I had. I used a linx on top by my 351c which fit fine height wise, but extended through my opening on my 69 mach scoop which I had bonded on many years prior to the 351c. I will also probably use the 429 scoop. Really justwhat you like best then make it work. I really hate snorkel and pro humps. To each their own.
  14. pic

    Sorry Sleeper but your attachment didn't make it on.

  15. Well, here is the "proposed" hood that I am doing for the Thundersnake. It's a photoshop job, but you get the general idea. This is a 4" total rise.


    Hmm, the add image tag feature doesn't seem to be working, so just click the link above.
  16. sorry

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  17. Here is a pic of a Boss 429 scoop that came on my current car:

    http://www.superford.org/getfile.php?id=101431&toggle=fullsize&f=mustang IIprtss 004.jpg

    Even though I can't use it, I like the way it looks. Or you could just show it off. Get a Mr. Gasket single street scoop. Kind of like the one on my tunnel ram. It won't stick up as high on your car but you get the idea:


    The single scoop comes with a tall base. It would look sharp. just let it all hang out.
  18. Yes. Although you may run into a problem for your II. The engine's balanced to 50 oz. I would include the flywheel and harmonic balancer, but I'm running a 10.5" clutch, which won't fit into a II bellhousing. This would be a good time to switch to a T5, unless you're planning on putting the engine in the coupe.
  19. Gael: I only have a 302 with an edelbrock performer carb and intake. It has the Performer Nitrous kit (thin nitrous plate between the carb & Intake). I have the old 60's Ford hood scoop with the turn signal indicators in it. Anywho, I am running a 4 1/2" tall air cleaner!!!! (with 1/2 to spare) So even though your package would be much taller you may have room for 2 1/2 or 3" tall air cleaner with a similar set up. I have a 10" round Mr. Gasket air cleaner on it.

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