I need help picking my '06

What color should I get?

  • Black with red leather

    Votes: 6 46.2%
  • White with blue stripes

    Votes: 3 23.1%
  • Yellow

    Votes: 2 15.4%
  • Just plain white

    Votes: 2 15.4%

  • Total voters

Finn McCool

New Member
Sep 14, 2005
Lexington, KY
All the cars are similarly optioned and within a few hundred dollars of each other. I can't decide which color/combo I want to get.

This is the first car I looked at.




It's a Premium GT M5 with pretty much every option except for the Mach 1000, it just has the 500.

I loved this car. The color combo is to die for and the red and black is just plain hawt. The only problem is that in the past I've driven a black '96 v6 camaro, a black '01 Trans-Am Firehawk, a black '02 Silverado Z71 and a little red honda civic (daily driver). I really don't know if I want another black car. They're so hard to keep clean and show every single ding, scratch, chip and swirl mark. I can't decide if it's worth the all the work for the awesome looks.

I'm going to look at two more cars this weekend while I'm up in Louisville.

A Performance White Premium GT M5 with the same options as the black one except with black interior instead of the red. It also has the Mach 1000 instead of the 500.


And a Screaming Yellow Premium GT M5 with the same options as the black one except with black leather instead of red.


(note, the last two pictures are not the actual pictures of the cars I'm going to look at, just pictures showing the colors)

So which color car would you buy? The white has the Mach 1000 over the 500 in the other two cars but other than that they all have the exact same options.


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New Member
Aug 13, 2005
Virginia Beach, VA
well.... that black GT is all but identical to the one I have on order (actually it's built by today I guess), and I even dropped the Shaker1000 from my order b/c it just did not seem worth it- you can't even get Sirius sat radio with it, of which I'm a huge fan.

So, I can tell you what I would buy-! :D

I know what you mean about black though. Is white and too-yellow your only other choices?? I'd say do white then. It looks a little rental car-ish when plain, but if you put stripes on that thing--especially blue stripes-- it jumps to life like no body's business :nice: it's a great, great look.

yellow is a tougher color.. you need a mega-cheerful personality to drive a bright yellow car IMO, because it's gonna scream smiley face on Monday morning when you may not be feeling so smiley yourself.. if that makes sense :rolleyes: :D


New Member
Jul 15, 2004
No, no stripes if you get the white one. Get the black one! You know how good black can look.
The yellow one :notnice:

Back in Black for you :D


New Member
Mar 30, 2005
West Palm Beach FL
i think white cars get a bad rep as being too plain...i took part in a tribute run to the florida keys on sunday the 11th and there was only a hand full of white stangs out there and i thought they stuck out the most.


New Member
Jan 2, 2005
'neath a cactus

I agree with Kevin... go for the white with lemans stripes!! :nice:

Black and Yellow are cool but that white/blue stripe combination is awesome!!


Founding Member
Nov 25, 2001
birmingham al
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id get a black 5 spd with black interior and spoiler delete and then id put gold stripes on it, damn it would look sweet, especially with a ducktail spoiler, i thought about getting an 06 in black, but i said screw it i owe 13 on my car ill get it payed off, and mod the hell out of it, next mod bullit seats off ebay, then black stripes, and hopefully a n 03 cobra spoiler, then 373s vt stage 1 cams and a modular powerhouse tune


May 26, 2005
Chicago, IL

I'd say Mineral Grey. Looks really nice, and it's unique.
Yellow is too loud.
Darker blue is sexy.
Silver seems boring
White doesn't look right.
Red works, but is overdone.
Lime is too...friendly?
Black is mean. I have a black GT, which I love, but it always looks dirty. Still, I wouldn't trade it for anything...


New Member
Jul 27, 2005
I'd have to agree, go with black. With that red interior it looks sharp too. Im getting the vista and i know it will be hard to keep clean but it will be more fun washing the stang than washing any other vehicle.


New Member
Dec 8, 2004
It's just me but I prefer the Tungsten.... White stripes would be nice but I don't have the cash yet.
Actually it only matters what color YOU want... they are all hot, in my books



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