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  1. Hi guys, Ohio isn't going to let me drive my fox this summer because they say it has been tampered with (my 460 swap). The car requires E-check this year and it can't pass obviously. My only option is to get collectors plates but i need some sort of official document showing the production numbers of my car. If anyone can PLEASE scan the page of MM&FF issue with the 1991 production numbers, it will be greatly appreciated. Im stuck in a rut bigtime, i have documented everything on the swap and kept all my receipts, hopefully with the prod. numbers included and a letter they will give me some plates. THANK YOU.
  2. Did you check the sticky in the tech section? Or are you looking for something else, because that has the years and bodystyles and colors.
  3. Well...what numbers do you want? Body style? Color? There were 98,737 total in 1991..............

  4. I wouldn't let ya drive it either... and it's got nothing to do with emissions.:D
  5. well, is that swap legal in your state?? if so, you'll have to find someone who's got the legal shmegal info that it can be done.....it's the equipment where they nail ya....and alot of states require it has to have an engine originally equiped from or available from the manufacturer, although there's alot of people who do wild swaps and get away with it.....maybe check with some car clubs of guys who have smog legal custom cars. being a fox never came with a 460, that might be intersting.......
  6. I can't use the sticky, it needs to be "official" like a magazine scan. body style and color would be great, Its an LX 5.0 Hacthback in black.

    Its not the swap thats illegal, its that i have to pass emissions, i live in 1 of 7 counties in Ohio that require it, frikin 1 in 7 out of many others.

    According to the sticky, i am 1 in 508 ? for the color/body, but i need it to look official.
  7. cant you find someone that you can pay off and can pass you?
  8. wish i could but they cracked down on that in Ohio, E-check is now free so they don't handle money at the stations anymore and i think they have cops there and cameras to watch that nobody is being payed off.
  9. there is always someone somewhere that will do...better start finding local forums and asking around
  10. Have any family in one of the counties that dont requir a echeck? Time to "relocate"
  11. Exploding gopher, find a friend (doesnt even have to be a family member) that lives in a non echeck county. Register your car at their address. The state will send all your bmv info to that address and your friend can give it to you. My brother and his roommate (not family!) both live in summit county and have their cars registered at my house in stark county. We get the roommates renewal tags, updated registration etc. but no e check!
    Just outta curiousity where in NE ohio are you?
    id like to see that 460....
  12. Damn that sux i thought they got rid of the e-check stuff completly. I kept putting it off for my turbocoupe and the stang untill the first of the year when they killed the e-check here. it was nice to go in and get what i needed without the hassle of the e-check devils LOL... when i had to e-check the stang i bought a 4 banger stang and swapped tags back and forth so i could just pay once for 2 cars. as long as the cops never had a reason to check the vin it is flawless
  13. Hey ExplodingGopher, get the Collector plates all you need is 3000 dollars worth of aftermarket goodies in RECEITS, which you have!!!!! Im from Ohio to and thats what i have. Your restricted to 4000 miles per year which probably isnt a problem!!
  14. the only problem i can think of that would hurt you is that the car does not have the smog pump on it which came on he 91. but i think you might be able to get a kit car registration. like for a cobra kit car or whatever.

  15. If the collector's plates dont work out, i may have to contact you for something like you did for your buddies if you say its ok, i would give ya some money for it. Im in Eastlake, near Cleveland.

    Its much better in person, I'd take ya for a ride, but my plates are expired lol:


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  16. Did you get them? tell me exactly what you sent in with the form, title and stuff, thx.
  17. Yeah, my adress isn't where I live either. :D
  18. Dude, my uncle's 460 stang has passed E-check (thank christ i moved down south) and he lives in akron / cuyahoga falls where the e-check is required also... im going to call him right now and see how he did it
  19. Ok, i asked how he did it, and he said that what you have to do (probably in your area) is to find someone in medina that will let you use thier address.. he said that all you need to do is, once you have someone that will let you use thier address, then you go to the DMV, put in for a change of address, and have it registered with stark county plates like he did.. he said that the law up there states that you are allowed to have a car registered in the city you reside in, and also one for the city you spend alot of time in (work or recreation) he told them that he stores his car at his girlfriends house out in medina, and they never batted an eyelash at him. he said all his friends with big block retro-fits do that, and noone ever says a word to them. he said he will be doing the same thing with his ranger that he just put a 302 in
  20. get a PO box in one of the counties that doesnt require it.....might work?