I'm a little concerned about future Mustangs

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  2. Could possibly have anything to do with the ecoboost in the f150? Heard a similar issue was happeninv
  3. I don't know. It's not an ecoboost engine issue. But I don't think it's isolated to this car either. I'm guessing that this will be the next thing the NHSTA goes after. I'm hoping my In-Laws aren't hurt or killed waiting for this action. It's also different in that in this case, the car just goes dead at 70mph.
  4. This is now a dead post. My in-laws traded the car in for a Mercedes E350. Since Ford did nothing, which was patently ridiculous since I gave them a cheap solution to try, they will no longer buy another Ford. Another former American car customer driven away. Very sad considering they replace their cars every 3 years. I was looking at Transit Connects for my company but that is also now under re-evaluation since Nissan has a similar vehicle out. For want of swapping out a simple computer to test, Ford may now lose several new car sales. Just stupid and ticks me off since that's all I've purchased for 30 years.
  5. Buh, bye and good riddance. M/B is gonna love having your family as customers. Excuse me, I meant consumers.
  6. I wonder if rconaway had his in-laws replace the electronic control module. I had the same problem with a car and replaced the ECM and never had the problem again. At first the car would just stop running. Finally, the ECM failed and I could not even get the car started. It is common for the ECM to act up intermittingly before it eventually fails.
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  7. I asked Ford to replace it and they wouldn't. Penny-wise and pound foolish. It's a lesson in how not to handle customer relations. This could have moved forward for as little as the cost of an ECM but Ford decided it was better to lose a long-term customer who's brother retired from Ford. The entire family owned Fords. Now this member of the family has a Mercedes Benz, a Mazda Miata, and a General Motors. This was a costly mistake for Ford but hey, I'm not in their public relations department.
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  8. The actual problem with the car is a bad throttle body.........................
  9. How'd this post make it into S550 Talk?
  10. Is it an ecoboost? There is already a class action suit going against Ford on them! Maybe they can join the class action? The NHTSA & DT are already involved in that suit, and know what a disaster the EB is....
    The focus of the class action is stalling, primarily when driving in heavy rain or high humidity. Were your inlaw's experience during those conditions?