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  1. Quite honestly, i'm surprised that they're selling it at under MSRP. That's pretty rare for a car that's just coming to market with a built up amount of demand.

    Anybody have insights on when you'll be able to order a vert?
  2. Check this thread out:


    You might to check it out if you haven't already. It's written by a Ford salesman and describes the order process for the '05 Mustangs, specifically how the orders get from the dealers to the Ford production queue.
  3. According to information that is floating around on other sites, the start of production is supposed to be September. That would make this timing a dicey proposition.
  4. When I first talked to the dealer, I said something like "No disrespect to you at all, but it's entirely likely that I know more about this car than anyone at this dealer, though I could be wrong." And then I explained why I thought I had access to better information. Of course, he also hasn't come up with any line of bull like "I think we'll see them two months early." He's had some Ford training about the '05 models (not just Mustang), and he remembered hearing the September 7 JOB1 date.

  5. In talking with a couple of "Best Price" dealerships in my area, they are required by (I think) state law to offer the same pricing on the new Stangs as the rest of the cars on the lot, $700 - $800 over invoice. Thats what I've been quoted by 2 dealerships for the 05 orders in the system. On Friday, 6-18 something must have happen, Ford pulled the orders and gave some kind of feedback on the orders they pulled, as I received a "confirmed build/scheduled" basically from multiple dealerships. ( I WILL get ONE from somebody in September! ) :banana:
  6. Congrats!! I'm so jealous.

    Too bad yellow isnt available....or is it? That would be sweet!! :hail2:
  7. Actually it is -- Screaming Yellow is going to be available.

  8. Good for you! I unfortunately, have to wait at least until the end of the year. I just switched jobs (from custody to patrol for the L.A. Co. Sheriff's Dept.) and will be on training for the next six months. The training is pretty intense. I figure a new mustang would be an awesome reward for myself. My wife says it is cool, but I feel bad because it is sort of her turn to get a new car. Oh well, I'll get over it.