I'm in market for WB 02s

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  1. I want to purchase a WB o2s but need your help. Please give suggestions on which unit to buy and why, the approximate cost and the vendor information. Is the WB difficult to install?

  2. Innovative LC-1 from eBay!! It costs right at $200 IIRC.
  3. I'm also in the market for a WB. I want the one with its own external screen.
  4. Al

    I use a FJO that is now around 4 years old. It has none of the features like wb's of today but gets the job done. I've not really paid a lot of attention to how things have changed but I can offer some ovservations I've seen over the years.

    A good while back some on the Tweecer site said they believed the dual hook up of digital display and Tweecer was causing inaccurate readings.

    There also was some talk that the file in the Stkr/Data directory with the ext of dbf could be inaccurate. This file contains the values of volt to afr definitions. You will see files for several wb choices if you look.

    I did a little research and came to the conclusion that mine was reading about 1/4 of a point lean. I never looked at my digital display anyway as it was always kept it under the seat so I discoed it for more accuracy.

    As for hook up. I would want it to be included in my dlogs without a doubt.

    You can use the wb analog output as an input to the pcm's egr input as one method of hook up. You then simply select egr as one of your Cal Con payloads to dlog.

    You can also buy an interface called Data Q for hook up. I don't know much more than that but details are available at the Tweecer site.

    I have seen threads from time to time where talk is about getting the correct file or how to build a file like I was talking about above to work correctly with a paticular wb.

    Thats just about all I can think of that might help Al but let me know if you need anything else and I'll see what I can do.


    I don't have much knowledge about the PMS
    it is growing thanks to this forum!

    IIRC, most PMS users do not data log.

    I've always wondered how PMS peeps would get the data from the PMS & wb in sync or how they look at the PMS unit and wb all at the same time.
    However it is done, I would think if the wb is stand alone from the PMS, you would want one that has the ability to capture data other than afr like rpm and such.

    I have seen you post up a dislike for having to carry around a laptop before. Seems like your desire for more data is gonna push you in that direction.

    Here is this thread that offers a device with six channels if you did not see it.


    Let us know what you decide Joe as I would like to learn more about how this all works with the PMS.

  5. I forgot to say this in my above post Al.

    A wb with a lot of options like data logging and the like is not really needed since you got the Tweecer's dlog capabilities.

    You might be able to save some money ... who knows?

  6. Grady datalogging with the PMS requires interaq upgrade for $269. The WB can sync with the PMS as well. A WB with it's own box and external screen is all I'm looking for. I'm not looking to sync the two.
  7. I got the idea now Joe. :nice:

    Basically you want it as stand alone :D

    I've seen a lot of guys on the Tweecer site say they like the Innovative like Chris talked about above.

    Pretty sure some of our members are using it as well.

  8. Thanks fellas. I will do more research on the matter.
  9. Can the LC-1 be hooked up to be displayed in the TwEECer's CalCon? I don't need a screen if I can use the TwEECer for it, and I'd rather have it integrated with the datalog anyway.
  10. Just got back from the Tweecer site :)

    Tons of threads about the LC-1 over there :nice:

  11. My favorite WB is the Dynojet Wideband Commander. AFAIK it's the only one with an 2 1/16" Autometer analog gauge. The nice thing about that is that you can integrate it seamlessly with more aftermarket gauges. It has the ability to light a warning light (on the gauge, or an external one if you want) based on RPM/AFR/throttle position. And it can datalog standalone, and download to a laptop via USB later. Or real time.

  12. Another wb that seems to be used a good bit by folks is the PLX.

    I saw it come up a good bit on our forum and on the Tweecer site.

    I must say the wb Dave talks about has a lot of features.

    Lots of choices these days :banana:
    More and more decisions these days :rlaugh:

  13. do any production cars use wideband o2s? i'm just wondering if it would be possible to scavange one off a junkyard car ...
  14. Yes, a few VW's do, they use the same Bosch sensor as most of the kits are using. A few of my local friends have made their own wideband from that sensor. I can try to get more info for you from them. They're all running BMW's and imports though.

    I'm running the PLX-300, I got it for ~$290 shipped NIB on E-bay. The install went pretty well with some help from people on here.
  15. i got an lm-1 for sale for $275 with like 500 miles. aem has a good one out too
  16. that would be great, thanks
  17. i tried to do that a while ago but the diy wideband community has died out and i get no responses from anyone.
  18. i just need the sensor itself, it can be hooked up to a tweecer. i'd like to get it for less than $200 if possible
  19. no thats not how a wideband works
  20. huh?

    my understanding is that a wideband generates a voltage which is an indication of the air/fuel ratio at the sensor at that point in time. that voltage can be connected to the wires normally used by the evp sensor, which is one of the sensors the tweecer can datalog. you then provide a map to calcon which translates the voltage to the corresponding air/fuel ratio. this allows the tweecer to log the air/fuel ratio along with the other datapoints it logs.

    you can do something similar to log boost.

    if that is not how it works, then please enlighten me.