I'm kinda leaning towards gettin the '05, but..

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  1. I'll do car shopping more this spring. If I do place the order on May 1st, do they require the full downpayment then or is that on delivery? I would be kinda pissed to have any cash tied up for 6 months waiting for delivery.
  2. If the dealer really wants your business, a 100 buck deposit will hold it. No big deal to a good dealer.
  3. ...and, if you change your mind, you might be able to sell your spot in line. Remeber the intro of the last M3? I heard there were guys selling their $3k deposits for $5k and up. Maybe that's just urban legend.
  4. Most Ford dealers around here want a $500 deposit. But the only way you can answer the question is to go vist the Ford dealer that you would be buying from and ask how much a a deposit they want.

    AS Shatner says, putting a deposit down would be VERY low risk as if you don't want your 05 Stang there will be people standing in line ready to buy it.
  5. Ok, so putting down a deposit gets you what--the right to spend an extra $2-3k over MSRP?
  6. I'll just wait and get the 5th or 6th or 20th...I don't care as long as I get one. It will be winter here when they come out anyway (if it is Feb)