IMRC cleaning.. half way through, need help! *PICS*

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by BrianV, Dec 19, 2003.

  1. Ok, so I've got 'er all dissasembled and the IRMCs cleaned.. I have a few issues though:

    1. Look at this gasket, is it safe to reuse or do I need to buy a replacement?

    2. While handling the IMRC controller, I noticed something inside sounds like it is rattling around.. is that normal or is that thing shot too?

    3. When I took off the intake cover, I noticed a fair amount of oil in the upper intake, on the runners, laying in the bottom, and around the gasket, is that normal?

    And finally, Here's what mine look(ed) like after 85k mi...

    And a dirty next to a clean...

    Any help would be appreciated as I would like to minimize downtime, if I need a new controller and gasket I'll go to ford and get em tomorrow, and hope she runs right when I put it all back together :)
  2. Ok, well looks like I'm going to get a new pair of gaskets, the other side is starting to show the same delamination.. hopefully those puppies aren't TOO expensive.

    The rattling inside the IMRC actuator appears to be normal since I took it apart and it looks like its just slop in the gears, which doesnt really look like it'll hurt anything.
  3. I'd get new gaskets, those look pretty bad...

    It's normal for there to be oil inside the intake...mine had a bunch too when I took mine apart...It's from the PVC system I believe...I've read that if you put breathers on your valve covers and get rid of the PVC system it eliminates the oil in the intake...
  4. Yeah, now I'm just up in the air about what to do. I am thinking about doing the deletes just to get rid of half the system to simplify things, plus I'd probably do it later.. but I dunno still kinda nervous bout it. I think I'll put it back together and if its still givin me problems I'll address that later.. I dunno.. frustrated
  5. Mine looked worse with only 50K on the car. I got new gaskets and a new IMRC controller.

    Here's somethign interesting my controller/IMRC's were making a clicking noise at roughly 3300rpms and the cables were twitching- so the IMRC's should be opening right??/ WRONG. At least they were not opening all the way because With the new controller I can feel the hesitation that everyone was tlaking about ( couldn't feel it before) when the IMRC's actually open and the car is fast a hell now. So I guess it was worth the almost $200 in parts and cleaner.