Installing Kenwood deck in 87 LX, w/6speaker setup...

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  1. Hello,

    I have an 87 LX Mustang and I am finally getting rid of the factory tape player. My car originally came with a 6 speaker factory setup with the factory amp behind the stereo on the hump. I am in the process of removing the dash and I am halfway done. I already removed the radio & factory amp and wired in an adapter for the Kenwood harness. I am also putting in 4" speakers in the dash, yes, 4 inches. I have to modify the hole yet but it should work.

    Here's my question. I want to retain all 6 speakers with my new CD player set up but the deck appears to only have a 4 speakers setup with an option for two more speakers going to aftermarket amp. Will I loose two of my speakers when putting this in??? Here is the deck model:

    DEH-1500 - | Pioneer Electronics USA

    If I have no choice but to loose 2 speakers, is there a way to resurrect them with wiring them to a separate amp or to the back of the deck? I am new to stereo's...
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    I can think of no audio advantage to putting 4-inch speakers in the dash of a Fox Mustang. Avoid small coaxial speakers - period. You are better off buying a good component speaker set-up - 6-1/2" door woofers and soft dome tweeters with a passive crossover. You may have to trim a little metal on the doors and make spacers, but you can get the 6-1/2's to fit behind the stock door panels. You'll also have to run new door speaker wires through the door wiring hose and connect them to the crossover. After following the wiring instructions, put the crossovers in the dash speaker holes and shove them down inside the dash - they will fit. Now make a bracket or plate and suspend the tweeters in the dash holes. The good news? - you now have just two connections to make to your head unit - front (the wires from the new component set crossovers) and the stock 6" x 8" rears. You will also have better bass (because the doors are enclosures - the dash is not) and a great stereo sound field from the soft dome tweeters.
  3. Already finished my project, but thanks for the advice. Ill put pics up tonight if I can. I did put in the 4" speakers and it was a pain in the but! I did a check and all 6 speakers work and sound great. I also checked with the tweeters, which I am still waiting to install and they sound amazing with the setup! Its loud, clear and sounds incredible :)