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Discussion in 'Special Production' started by Fathead, Jan 15, 2004.

  1. Titles for Saleens say they are GT's, right? So my question is, how would insurance work for a Saleen? Is it comparable to a GT just a little more because it is worth more?
  2. The VIN shows it as an LX for the 93 and older years. Not sure about the 94 and up. I pay the same insurance as I would if it were an LX. I might get screwed if it ever gets stolen though. I've been meaning to ask the Ins. company, but I don't want the insurance to go up either. :shrug:
  3. you might want to check into it.. we had a saleen broke into and vandalized.. keyed the whole car.. insurance faught and faught saying it was a fake saleen. its still going on

  4. Any of the newer Saleens come up as GT when you run the VIN and when an insurance company looks at it. I sent in the l.o.a from Saleen to them along with some pictures. They luckily had Saleen in their books. On my forms it is still listed as a GT...but all the prices are for a Saleen.

    Just get in contact with your insurance agent and explain to them what it is. Send in any proof and make sure you get the right quotes. Wouldnt want to wreck a $40k+ car and have it insured for $20+..
  5. In the case of State Farm insurance, If the car is an S351 that started out as a V6, then they will see the VIN as a V6 and charge accordingly. State Farm will insure an S351 for cheaper than an S281 because of this. And yes, the insurance paperwork does list the car as a Saleen S351 -- they know what the car is. If the car's replacement cost is more than $50K you'll have to pay a tiny bit extra ($50-$100 a year) to get to where you need it.

    A '00 S351R convertible costs $436 for 6 months coverage if you have a clean driving record and are 30 or older.
  6. Thanks, 99-43...In fact, I just switched to State Farm. So I would just tell my agent I have a "2003 Saleen S281 supercharged" and she should be able to figure out what I need for coverages. Maybe I will just happen to leave to supercharged part out. It will be covered for less but I will save a little on insurance, seeing that I am only 25.
  7. I don't recommend lying to your insurance company. If you read your contract, you'll see that you can be denied a claim if you give misleading vehicle information to your agent. When asked for the VIN, give them the VIN. When asked for the make and model, say 'Saleen Mustang S281.' IF AND ONLY IF they asked if it is supercharged, tell them 'yes'. Point is, give them the information they ask for. If they need to know about the supercharger, they'll ask.

  8. I will be calling State Farm tomorrow. I decided to buy a new 03 S281 supercharged from a dealer. Got a good deal on in since they wanted it out of there prior to the 04's coming in. I even got 0% for 72 on a Saleen which I think is amazing.
    Thanks for everyone's help
  9. You will literally be a fathead if you lie to the insurance company, it shouldn't cost you much more because of the supercharger, and if your insurance is broken up into 4 or more payments, you may barely notice the difference in cost. You don't want an insurance hassle because you left something out.

    When i gave the vin of my explorer to the insurance company, they new what it was i had. They knew on paper, but i had to answer the question 50 times, "What is a Saleen?" i guess that is all they were seeing.