IRS Swap E-Brake Cable Help

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  1. So i have swapped the 03 Cobra IRS into my Mustang.

    Problem is the Ebrake Cable...

    I have used the 03 Cobra Ebrake cable and I cannot get the cable to connect to the caliper..... The cable itself is connected to the caliper but i cant get the E-Clip and cable support into the cable itself into the caliper.

    Which cables are longer? The 98 cable or the 03 cobra cable.

    Can i fix the problem by using the 98 cables?
  2. Ebrake cables were one of the biggest pains with the swap and there isn't an easy way around the procedure. I don't have an answer as far as the length of each cables but I would assumes they are the same. Full tilt boogie racing has install videos and Bruce shows how he accomplishes this in a video. I'd link it for you but I'm on my phone. I would suggest trying your 98 cables if you can't get the 03's to work.
  3. Took the cables and measured Side by Side.

    The 98 cable is longer than the 03/04 cobra cable!

    I searched alot and people said the 03/04 cobra cable was longer, but its not.
  4. I haven't been able to understand this. It took me about two minutes to install my e-brake cables back on the caliper. Just got a vice grip on the tip to pull it into the quadrant thing, then needle nose pliers to install the e-clip. I did it with the caliper off the rotor, so maybe that was it, but it was insanely easy for me. I just used the stock Mach cables and they seem to be the correct length (pretty sure they're the same length as the GT cables) :shrug:

  5. I think 99-04 cables are shorter than 94-98 cables because of the center ebrake cable. Thats why the part numbers are different