Is my dealer Bull*****ing?

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  1. I went with my dad to quincy, ILL. today where my parents have purchased numerous cars to talk to a salesman about getting a new mustang and all that good stuff, while I was there they gave me a brochure, said they just came in that day, which I thought was pretty cool, but also he told me that they were aloud 5 Mustangs each, but they only ordered 4, 3 GT's and a V6, and told my dad that they were arriving in mid Aug. and then went on about how much sooner they were getting them then they had planned on, I was wanting to know if anyone else has been told of this early arrivial date, because most places I have seen say October, but just wondering if anyone knows if there is any truth to this at all
  2. Please read the sticky: Important Stang Info for Newbies. Maybe your dealer should also.
  3. just to let you know I did read the sticky, and didnt find the answer I was looking for, there was no answer saying if anyone else had heard of that or not, but thanks for your input, even though it was no help...
  4. If your dealer is on the level (not likely), he's just leaked the scoop of the century.
  5. I just talked to a dealer today. His first allocation order scheduled is not until September. Your dealer is talking out his butt.
  6. I agree with SVT Driver... your dealer is "selling" you. When they don't come in in August he will tell you, "They're a hot commodity man! Maybe next week. Don't worry... you'll be the only one to even have a Redfire GT."
  7. I will ammend my sticky thread. Instead of leaving the delivery dates in standard text, I'll make it bold. I can see how standard text can be confusing. Thanks for the tip.
  8. I am tempted to go to a dealership just to see what BS they are giving out.
  9. This is exactly why I've just stayed away from dealerships altogether, I figure I wont have the money for my dream 05 until mid-06 so by then I'll have all the facts straight so I won't get bull-$****ted . . . .I hope :rolleyes:
  10. I just got a letter today from the salesman at my closest dealer. He wrote that I have probably forgotten more than he will ever know about the 05 mustang. :lol: :rlaugh: And it's true.
  11. dealer info

    i work for a ford dealership and can say with some knowledge that prices will be out sometime in mid august and that production will not start till november of 2004. i do have one on order but cars may not hit showrooms till around jan. of 2005. i have acess to a dealers only web site and this is the most up to date info i have.
  12. I agree, prices will probably be out in Mid-August. But, Job 1 us scheduled for Sept. I doubt Nov of 04 will be the first ones off the line... It is possible that it won't be until Nov or Jan that your dealership finally gets one. You'll start seeing them around in limited quantities on Sept 27, 28 or 29.
  13. That is the info I got from my dealer. With the bonus of his second allocated car. Would be built on my birthday.
  14. ummmm..... care to clarify that?
  15. Ok the schedule he recieved from Ford said his second car would be scheduled on sept 10. He was told it takes 21 days from that point to be built. Thereforeit would make it on the assembly line on halloween (My birthday).
  16. Ahhh.. Gotcha... that would be pretty cool! I wouldn't mind having an SVT with a born on date of my birthday...
  17. Yea with any luck what he says will come true. However it wasn't but a week ago that the salesman told me I could finally order a car. Three weeks after I gave him the order sheets.
  18. I hear ya... I ordered a vert, so I got a longer wait than you... although, if Ford can fix all the problems with this damn Cobra, I may cancel the order on the 05 and keep the Cobra... at least until the new one starts to emerge.
  19. I hear ya. I would love to wait for the next Cobra. But I also want cheaper gas expenses. My brother is going to get a vert when they are ready. So but the dealer won't take orders on those yet.
  20. My dealer took my oreder, but obviously can't put it into Ford yet.