Fuel Is my fuel pump going?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by 7991LXnSHO, Mar 10, 2013.

  1. After a 4-5 hour highway drive this summer, I heard a strange noise while running and parked at home. It was a whistle more than a whine. It was somewhere out back, and I suspect the fuel pump. The noise left when the vehicle cooled off. It happened again today in 30 degree weather. I usually have seen pumps work or not. Am I missing anything else back there that could make whine/whistles outside the rear of the car?
  2. Venting issue with the tank? Try running it with the gas cap off and see if the noise is still there. The line running from your charcoal can back could be clogged?
  3. I've had them work intermittenly and had them make a bit of grinding sound before dying.

    The part that sucks for you is now you are always going to be thinking about it. Might as well just buy a walbro 155 and throw it in there (unless you have a supercharger then goto a gss340 hp)
  4. The odd thing is how it only does it after a long trip. And it has to be running. Unless there are other ideas of something back there electronic/electric that would be louder from the outside, I will check the vent line then replace the pump. I will listen closely for grinding untill then.
  5. Sounds like it may be a good time to think about AAA, just in case.
  6. When in doubt swap it out. It's not that hard just make sure the tank is very close to empty. Gas is heavy. It will ease your worried mind. I didn't act soon enough in my case and was stranded. Not a good feeling.
  7. Without a trip, the noise does not replicate. No growling either, but I do think I heard some right after the last trip when it first started powered up. I think the vent line to the canister is OK. The pump is going to be replaced based on mileage anyway now.

    Here is why I really wanted to post. I do not know how much AAA is (nor AA for those whose cars run on ethanol), but on my policy, roadside assistance with towing is $20 to cover ALL my vehicles on the policy. Seems like a no brainer when I do not usually buy new cars. It seems some of the other charges should be that way as I can only drive one at a time. Oh well, I am not in charge. The newest vehicles we have bought are lightly used, then we drive the wheels off of them. We'll use it sooner or later.