Is there a Car Magazine Shortage?

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  1. I took the wife shopping this morning. We were at 3 stores. I checked the magazine racks and there were NO February issues of Hot Rod, Motor Trend or Car & Driver (all 3 rags with the Mustang on the Cover). All 3 stores were sold out.

    However all 3 stores had plenty of copies of the February issues of Automobile (Corvette on the Cover), Autoweek - 2 issues, last week with ME-412 on cover and the latest Autoweek with the Nomad Concept on the cover. There was also a big supply of Road & Track February issues. R&T also has the new Corvette on their cover. I just took a quick look but it did not appear that either Automobile or R&D had any article on the 2005 Mustang.

    Is the 2005 Mustang a hot story or what? :spot:

    Any guesses as to what will be on the cover of the March issues of Automobile & R&T? :stick:
  2. I've been meaning to pick up a copy of Car & Driver. Can't stand Motor Trend. I get Hot Rod and R&T in the mail. The next issue of R&T BETTER have the Mustang on the cover. They were kind of snide about it in the current issue. Or maybe they'll have the 06 Charger?
  3. I also have been having a hard time finding Motor Trend and Hot Rod magazine with the Mustang story. I don't know why nobody has it on the shelves.
  4. Because you're too late, they're sold out! :doh:
  5. It seems like the buzz on the Mustang is pretty hot. I've got Motor Trend and R&T (sorry R&T has the Vette on the cover and the new Mustang rates only a blurb in the Ampersand section). Can't find Car and Driver or Hot Rod...they've sold out..haven't seen this situation ever.
  6. Anyone know how long it will be til Ford lets the mags actually drive the new car?
  7. At work people who don't know much about cars are even talking about the new Mustang. That says a lot.
  8. He he. I made sure I got one copy each of the Motor Trend, and Hot Rod issues with the 05 stang on the covers. :D I was all like :banana: when I saw them at the store. But now they seemed to be sold out. There are still a few issues of C&D around though.
  9. Same here basically sold out everywhere. Makes you wonder how many people are going to actually buy the car.
  10. Ford quoted that they expected the '05 would sell 180,000 up from a 130,000 average. I predict more than the 180K.

    I saw the MT and HD, and Autoweek articles. Where are the Mustang Mags (MMFF, 50FF, M&F)?? You would think they would know about the '05 :shrug:

    I think the Hot Rod article had the best info. I was surprised since they seem to do import and Cheby stuff. MT was good. I haven't read C&D since the French bought them and they fell in love with anything Japanese. :bang:

  11. C&D came out over a week later than M/T & HR. In addition, C&D has a larger circulation than the other rags, so they stores probably stock more of them. This may be why there still are some C&D's around where you are.
  12. MM&FF better have a great write-up on the car. I'm a bit dissappointed that they haven't thusfar, but they usually release issues in the latter half of the month, rather than the first week the way most of the mainstream mags do. That's probably the reason....
  13. I agree that Hot Rod had the best info. I won't read C&D anymore, since they trashed the Mach 1. It figures that they would like Japanese cars, because they come from the only country that France hasn't surrendered to. :flag: