Is there a difference between Auto and Manuel Crossmembers?

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  1. Ones all rusted out under my '88..prob about to break..i picked up one from a swap meet but some dude told me as i was walking that im gonna have to change it cause the one i purchased was for an going to have to make it this true??? i hope not..
  2. There is a difference, I'm just not sure what it is yet. Haven't compared my two crossmembers yet.

  3. no one really knows...guess when they did their T5 swap the crossmember came with it...
  4. On 5.0's there isn't a difference

    Do the 2.3's use the same crossmember as the 79-86's with the single hump? If so i beleive you can grind the welds and slide it foreward to adjust it.
  5. my '88 has a dumble hump...
  6. I thought 87-93 autos had a single hump and the 5spd had the double hump
  7. 351 is right. I have both xmembers in front of me right now. The auto is single hump and the t5 is double hump.

  8. What about for GT's that have an auto? they had to have a double hump right?

    The one I bought is a double hump.
  9. The T5 4 cyl crossmembers have a single hump...5.0's have a double.
  10. Weird...I guess this one was replaced sometime??? Hard to belive since its rusted so bad..

  11. Yes, all 86-93's with 5.0's have a double hump no matter what tranny. It's for the dual exhaust.
  12. Thats what I thought. Only makes sense.
  13. Geesh, you guys are confusing..........

    So, if I do a T-5 swap, I'll need a new crossmember? I have an 89 auto.
  14. will...just as it says on my swap page.
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