is this an SVO turbo???

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  1. I bought what I was told to be an svo turbo. Its a garrett. The numbers on it are a.r 60 M11 and on the exaust side .48. I was told that svo turbos dont have coolant though them, just oil. The one I have has four ports im guessing there not all oil. Please help
  2. It might be an SVO turbo, and it sounds like it's water cooled.

    Merkurs had the same turbo but I can't remember if they were water cooled or not.
  3. Merkur's are water cooled. I *think* all Merkur's came with .63 A/R turbo's. It's probably an early T-Bird turbo.
  4. No, Merkurs and SVO's were all .48 housings. Stick '83-86 turbo coupes were all .63 turbine housings, and I think automatics were .48s but I can't remember exactly, they may have all been .63's.
  5. Thanks for the correction, turns out you are helpful for thing other than **** :).
  6. I can't even be helpful for **** anymore, at least not here, there's nowhere to post the stuff these days :shrug:

  7. Actually.......'84-85 SVOs came with .63s turbine housings and no water cooling, 85.5-86 SVOs had the .48 with water hookups. All or nearly all the service replacement turbos had water cooled centers, so it's not surprising to find a wet center turbo on a car that didn't come with one. My '84 SVO is a prime example because it has a wet center.

    The biggest application difference between the SVO turbos and the Merk/TC units is the compressor housing. The Merk/TC T3s have a two-bolt compressor outlet whereas the SVO has just a hose connection. The SVO compressor housing also says AiResearch on it, not Garrett.

    This is a .60/.48 Merkur turbo I have. Nevermind the HX40 on the right :D:
  8. my turbo has just a hose conection no bolts on the compressor but it doesnt say AiResearch on it just garrett and a/r.60 M11. My main ? now is as long as I find another turbo with .60-.48 I should be fine to run them as twins??????
  9. Can you post a picture of your T3? Does it have a hose connection on both the compressor inlet and outlet? The only Garrett-labeled compressor housing I know of with a two bolt inlet and hose outlet like the SVO's is a turbo Buick T3.

    To answer your question, yes you can find another .60/.48 T3 and run twin turbos.
    If you're asking that, I suspect you are turbocharging a 5.0.....

    Edit: However, you need to be sure you have a 60 trim T3 compressor wheel as well as the matching .60 A/R compressor housing. I have seen .60 A/R compressor housings with 48 trim wheels.
  10. I will post pics tommorow and yes its a 302 ranger I am doing. CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP!! need somthing else to play with. There are threaded holes in the compressor inlet adapter elbow that bolts on the inlet side and on the oulet, where the hose would slide on. So I would say yes.

    Is it labled anywhere the wheel size? I pulled the housing off and its not under there.
  11. No turbo I have ever seen actually has the wheel dimensions marked on it. You'll have to take measurements yourself. We'll be able to tell you more when we can see what you have.
  12. holy s*it bigger then a garrte
  13. Yeah, and it weighs about 35lbs.
  14. heres a few pics

  15. Well, that certainly looks like a SVO compressor housing.

    Just an FYI, you may have a hard time finding another one of those, as the SVO compressor housings alone usually go for $90-100 (everyone with a thunderbird, merkur or otherwise that wants to put a front mount intercooler on wants those housings).

    The Merkur and Thunderbird turbos all have flanges on the turbo discharge, but you can grind the flange down to make a hose outlet like the SVO turbo has (I did that).

    Also, I always heard that a .63 turbine was more desirable for a twin turbo 5.0...but I could be wrong :shrug: .48 turbos will certainly be cheaper because nobody really wants them.
  16. That ladies and gentlemen, is a Thunderbird/Merkur turbo that had the compressor outlet flange ground down so a slip-fit tube could be used. It looks like they did a halfway decent job.

    THIS is an SVO compressor housing:

    Nevermind the compressor wheel; That housing has been modified to fit a small T4 wheel.