Is this the truth about Mach 460 Upgrade?

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  1. I have been doing some research on upgrading my stereo system from a Mach 460 to an after market system. Everyone says that you have to change the factory stuff out. Does that mean all the speakers and amps or just the amps? I just need to know what factory stuff will work with a after market head unit.
  2. If you are just going to change out the head unit and NOT add any amps, all you will really need is a harness to bypass the factory amps.

    But if your gonna change out the head unit and add aftermarket amps, you better change out the factory speakers too.
  3. Wrong, Metra makes harness's to connect an aftermarket headunit to the factory amps. I have one and it doesn't bypass anything. Contact Metra to find the correct part number for your year Mustang
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  4. Okay I would like to use the factory amps and speakers if possible. I have just heard that you can't use a aftermarket head unit with the factory amps. Right???
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  5. Wrong I have a Jensen bluetooth reciever hooked up to the MAch 460 amps using a Metra wiring harness. Contact them to get the correct part number for your year Mustang.
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  6. Did you have any problems hooking the head unit up to the 460 amps? Did it sound worse or better?
  7. Again, with the proper Metra harness it's plug and play. As for sound quality I think mine sounds better with the aftermarket HU.
  8. Okay I was just wanting to make sure. Thanks for the help.
  9. Jeff is correct. Metra makes a harness for the Premium Sound Package that will integrate the factory Mach amps..

    IIRC the harness is # 70-5519. Its the Amp integration harness. Let me know if you need I, If you cant order it I can mail one to you.

    This should also be stickied for future reference. Seems to be a largely asked question on here.
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  10. I ordered a new HU from Crutchfield and it comes with a harness. I'm ordering a 70-5519 also. I assume that with the metra I won't need the harness from CF?
  11. That's corrects the one Crutchfoeld is sending will work also but has gain adjustments that must be set correctly for the system to sound right. I 'm not against them but the Metra unit is direct plug & play no adjustments needed.
  12. ok, I got the metra 70-5519 in today. I have wired up several sound systems, but this is the first time I've dealt with the mess that is Mach :D

    the metra came with 2 harness. Do I need to hook up all the speaker wires on the pioneer harness with the Metra? Wouldn't they be NOT used due to the RCA outs?

    The pioneer wires has one orange for illumination while the metra has 2, one for illumination, one for negative dimmer. I assume I don't use the neg dimmer wire? (orange with black)

    On the second harness, the one with the RCA out, it has 2 sets of wires. I would just ground the 2 black ones with the radio ground, the amp turn on would wire to the antenna control (blue wire)?

    gonna read the manual a little more. Just trying to get your expertise first :)
  13. n/m.. I did some more reading and found it out

    I'll still take any advice :D

    I read in my book that the radio has a high and low pass on it, so I shouldn't need the inline blockers
  14. where did u plug the rca outputs and amp turn ons and amp grouds??? i have a pioneer as well and am tryting to install a metra harness.
  15. I ended up plugging my RCAs on the metra into the rear output RCA. As for the amp grounds, I just combined it with the other ground wires and I think the amp turn ons went to the ACC wire (can't remember if it was yelllow or red)
  16. What about a mach 1000

    I have a 2003 with the Mach 1000 system, and I want to replace the stock head unit with an Alpine cda-9833. What harness would I need for this? I have looked around and havent found any, could anyone point me in the right direction?
  17. I just called Metra and for a 1995 with the Mach 460 you will need a 70-5510. I'm glad I called and didn't just order the part number listed above. They told me that there are three different harnesses based on the year of the car for the mach 460. Here is the phone number for their tech support. I suggest calling them to make sure you get the right harness:
    Metra: 800.253.TECH (8324)
  18. I received an email from CF about my comments I left on the radio. I put in something like "even though your website states you can't use the factory amps on the 460, Metra makes a harness that does work. You guys send an metra harness, why not provide the one that works with the Mach amps?"

    So I get an email from one of their people asking about it. I pointed them to the tech article here on SN about using the 5519 harness and gave them the email I received from Metra. They said they would check it out and correct their website as needed :)

    They got some friendly people at Crutchfield :nice:
  19. Works great factory amps and speakers 02 Mustang Convertible now got bluetooth, USB, aux, satellite radio. Without the adapter it sounds kind of sick. You'll know if it's performing or not...with the correct adapter it sounds awesome and can get all the new perks of a newer mustang without spending 55K...

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