It's Finally Complete

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  1. My 65 is finally finished. Well basically finished. I guess they are never really done. Anyway, It now sports a 302, T5, 9 inch rear end, and 4 wheel disc brakes. It has been waiting for about 10 years in the garage under a cover. It was my highschool car. We just got it back on the road again last week.




  2. Very nice! :D

    I'm just getting back to work on mine, did about a year's worth and then stopped to do a couple cars for my kids now it's back to me, well the wife actually, this build is for her. Maybe one day I'll get to do one for me :D
  3. Very cool! :nice:

    I've always loved three pedal cars! :nice: :nice: :nice:
  4. Sweet ride! Can't wait to get my Mach 1 done.:(
  5. That's pretty darn sexy right there! Good job.
  6. :hail2:

    looks nice man. Your very right about never being done though...I've got a list of things to do on my car yet...(finishing up the AOD) and there's still a LOT left on that list :p
  7. Verrrr-rrry nice :nice:

    I'm hoping that the workload lsows down enough that I can plan a three-day for the Cleveland; and that will get me going again.

    BTW, what brakes did you go with for "out back"?
  8. Thanks for the compliments guys. I am so excited to be able to drive it again. It hasn't been on the road in 10 years. It used to be an I6 3 speed. Its a completely different animal now.

    2ndstang, I agree. I love 3 pedal cars too.

    Dbdragracing, What does your Mach need? It looks like its complete in your avatar.

    Jlangholzj, What color is your 68? I think it looks great? How long till you have the AOD back in?

    StangDreamin, For the brakes it has Granada front and Versailles rear.
  9. I'm very happy for you.

    My first was a 65 three speed 289 coupe back in 1970. I had to sell it during the gas crisis then life's responsibilities in the form of a family took over. I then bought my 67 coupe seven years ago and have really enjoyed it since. I make sure I drive it at least several times a month! :nice:

    Have a safe and great time with it. :nice:
  10. My color is called "sonic blue" its actually the new(er) ford color that the new stangs have. Simply love it. It's got a violet pearl in it (DAMN expensive too) so its hard to capture a good color of it in a picture.

    and my dumb ass had to take out the rear case bushing for my AOD that i didn't have. :bang: So despite me having all the new clutches/steels/seals/rings put back in, I've got to wait till about mid next week probably. :notnice:

    but I'm excited to see how It'll go, the direct drum clutches i put in were kevlar :nice:

    But like you say, they're never quite done, I've got this yet that i want to do:

    1) new windshield
    2) replace headliner
    3) limited slip rear end
    4) aluminum radiator & electric fan
    5) 67 GT fog lamps

    then someday..

    6) aluminum hi-po aftermarket heads.

    being a broke-a$$ college kid right is kinda the issue :rolleyes: but its in good driveable shape and I DO get out and drive it. so have fun with yours, then when you get bored, start tearing into it again :D

    good pic:

  11. Looks really good. Nice job keeping it all these years. I still have my high school Mustang. Been thru lots of others since, but always kept the original.

    Congrats on the resto
  12. very nice !!!! .,.............. congrats
  13. I was dirving the Mach yesterday...its a good driver, but needs new quarters and a paint job to be a show car! Thanks.
  14. Thats definitely a great color! I like it. Thats cool art work.

    Why do you want 67 GT fog lights instead of 68 ones?

    I hope your AOD project goes well this time around.
  15. Thanks.

    I'm glad you still have your first one too.
  16. Do you plan on bringing it back to showroom condition. That would be sweet. Its still a sweet looking car. As long as its not in too bad of shape at the quarter panels, I would probably just enjoy it. If they are really in poor condition I would have them replaced. I've never done that before, so I don't know how hard that is to do. I would probably have to have a shop do it, if mine needed it done.
  17. 600-400_Black67Mustang_001%5B1%5D.jpg



    I personally like the 67 style with the raised coral and light bar better than the 68. so its a 67' grille and fog lights for me! :)

    its what i like about my car, 67 rocker panel trim, 65 gas cap, (67 gof lights someday)

    baisically taking the best of the msutangs and putting them into one car ;)
  18. great looking car
  19. Thanks Calponycarsmike.

    Jlangholzj, I agree about the grilles. I like 65 and 67 with the bars better than 66 and 68 with just the corral. The fog lights on the bar grilles look better too. I like the idea of the 67 lights on yours. The 68 fog lights look cool too. If I had a 68 it would have one or the other on it.
  20. for sure, i really like the look of yours and the 7's it just...pops

    and i am just UBERLY over excited now b/c my bushing came ahead of schedule...AND i found a guy locally that wants my C4 and i can use THAT money for steeper gears!! WOOOO!!! haha.

    3.40:1 gears are going in after i get that C4 otta the shop! :D :banana: