It's nice but I dont know for the $$$$$

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  1. Few big pics!!!!! One of our customers that is a body shop called me to come over yesterday to check out this ride they got in. The car only has 4 miles on it and from what im told the owner got on it and it broke loose and kinda ended up in a ditch. Luckly it only got a small dent on the driver door. Inside if car was very small and tight. Sounded pretty good though.
    The owner of the Viper was not as lucky about the damage. We will be getting the Viper for an alignment.
    We do most of the alignments for this shop and also provide tires for them. They normally work on this type of level of cars.
    Here are the pics.
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    Damage received WHEW!!
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    And the VIPER
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    Enjoy folks.
  2. Ford gttttt :drool:
  3. Can't even drive the car 4 miles without crunching it... Maybe I should trade him for something he could handle, see if he will trade me for my wife's Focus :rlaugh: for his own saftey's sake of course!

  4. YEA no kidding. Some folks have more money then sense.