Just Found A 1990 Saleen For $3000

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  1. 3k is iffy on that. My main turn off is the obvious suspension work that was done. Sort of takes aways from the Asleen part to me.:shrug:
  2. I think you were within $500 of a fair deal if it is rust free.
  3. just curious newschool but what is obvious about the suspension work? I'm not home to check but it looked like the stock saleen suspension to me. well minus the rims, only one original saleen rim was left in the trunk...
  4. looked like a 5 lug conversion to me. Am I wrong?
  5. The 1990 saleen came stock with 5 lug as well as disc's on all four. This link shows all upgrades on the 90 saleen. http://www.soec.org/datasheets/mustang/1990_mustang_spec_sheet.pdf

    The car does need new u-joints, struts, and probably shocks! The dollars keep adding up, but I think i'm more determined now to get her running like new. Thank goodness for credit cards and summitracing.com
  6. 1990 Salerno wear the same brakes as 84-86 Svo mustangs.

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  7. Might as well redo the whole suspension at one time- a arms. shocks, bushings, etc. No sense doing the same job twice. Glad you saved it but like I said, this is going to run an easy 10k by the time it's done. IMO you should rebuild it to factory specs and not mod it out unless you are not concerned about resale value.

    I'd recommend you check out the car with the Saleen registry and join the Saleen club as they are a good source of help in finding parts and information .

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  8. There is a certain satisfaction you will get when you see it all restored and shinny. Mine sat in a rich architect's garage for 20 years so I don't really have any "stories" about its past.

    My 1982 Suzuki on the other hand, has a rich history with trips all over the country over the last 30 years, and although I didn't put the miles on it myself I can "feel" its past when I ride it.

    The bullet holes are awesome scars! In the words of Tyler Durden: "I don't want to die without any scars...."

    Some 10 years ago I drove my 89' Notchback to Juarez Mexico for some drinking and partying, then got in a fight with bartenders, broke my foot and ended up in jail. My poor stang stayed on the street and sure enough was broken into while I managed to get out (probably the dirty cops!). That damn door lock never worked the same...
  9. lol 5.oLoco. that is awesome! so far i've uncovered that this ride was stolen from the original dealer in Kalifornia, recovered and sold. Reappeared last year on a site, a guy bought it from an auction for seven grand and was trying to sell it for ten grand. Got into that auctions achieved pictures and this car looked amazing.. last year. One year later it was owned by a possible drug dealer who acquired it from a supposed crackhead. rough life so far but things are looking up.

    yeah I'm starting to think this is gonna cost more than 10g's....easy. good news is i see saleens is decent shape selling for 10,000 easy

    I'll keep all the original engine parts in case i ever lose my job/ my mind/ and credit cards and have to sell this car someday. Like i said before I really want this car back to original, but need this to be a little faster than the stock 225hp while i own it.
  10. wow mikestang63 just checked out that saleen club and found another link to my car. It was for $8500 back in feb. guy said he replaced the tranny, gas tank, shocks, starter, and brakes. Of course the shocks feel dead now, the tranny is leaking horribly from the rear bushing, and the ebrake doesn't even work now.
  11. I stand corrected. I'd say decent price then. Can't wait to see it reborn.
  12. I noticed the 5 lug in your pics since it was sporting 16" V6 rims / tires in 5-lug. Keep us posted with pics of this project.
  13. Update finally got around to pulling the motor and tranny out to ship off to respective shops to have some work done. Pulled the head off the driver side and one of the pistons looks brand new and the other 7 look beat to hell. Anyone seen such a strange sight before? was the side that lacked compression and had white smoke blowing out the exhaust, so maybe just the coolant making it look new? spins fine when turning the crank. Anyway see what my machine shop says tomorrow. New trickflow complete upper and going to see what my guy says about putting in the stroker kit Gearbanger mentioned.
    [​IMG] 20130715_181610.jpg
    complete upper and going to see what my guy says about putting in the stroker kit Gearbanger mentioned.
  14. Seems ballpark... Kinda wish you got a better deal as the rig wasn't running close to decent.... But like you mentioned, you have the Mustang pride. Bring it back!
  15. Looks like its still got its original flo fit seats, what kind of shape are they in and are the nets still in the halo headrests? You can find parts. Scoa.com has a classified section that's fox friendly, gotta be quick. be ready to shell out for the five spoke ARE rims! There is a guy on there that refurbs the rims.

    If your going to do it and don't mind to take your time but want it to " look right" build it up as a 306 with ported stock heads and either a saleen intake or a ported stock unit, it would keep the stock apperiace but give it more umph.

    Saw a guy on FB this weekend who just repainted his white saleen but hadn't put the stripes back on yet, white cars look super clean without the stripes

    You can call saleen and give them the vin and they will verify the car before you start tracking down parts. For a little bit you can reorder the letter of authenticity that will tell you what options came on it and where it was originally sold at. Good luck!
  16. Man, that is a LOT of sludge and carbon buildup. Did they ever change the oil?
  17. To busy dodging bullets to change the oil!
  18. looks like that one cylinder probably had coolant leaking into it burning all the carbon off.
  19. Chad,

    Like you I would've bought the car to save it.

    Since you verified its a Saleen the build up will be worth it.

    if you wait long enough you ll get back some of your investment. In the meantime, build it and drive it.

    As for the bullet hole, I think it adds character but that's just me.

  20. A leaking/blown head gasket can cause a piston to look like that. Basically high pressure steam cleaning action going on in there if the water leak isn't too bad