Just got back from North Carolina...

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  1. Just got back. Went up to visit the in laws i guess you could say. And we went in my girlfriends car (06 Civic EX) 42 mpg, i was super impressed, and that was at 80mph and a/c on. Anyway I wanted to ask something, because I know there are a few stangers here who live there. I drove around in her car and it handles pretty well just very slow. Now you guys have to have a hell of a time driving around there in the hills dont you? Because I know the whole time I was going around a curve I kept thinking to myself "Damn this would be so much fun in my car, I should bring it next time."
  2. I know What you Mean When I was in Alabama theres roads through the mountains I was so mad I didn't take my car.
  3. where in NC did you go?
  4. I was in hendersenville. My girlfriends parents just bought a house along a road called the big hungry... lol