Just got home from the track, I have good and bad news...

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  1. I just got home from racing today at the SSOTN Spring Nationals held in MD. I went there with the hope of running an 11 second pass and retiring the car from drag racing forever. Well... let's just say it didn't happen, but it can't get much closer. I ran a 12.03 at 112mph! Now for the bad news... I missed 4th on my last run and while trying to force it in I hit 2nd gear at about 80mph... things wen bad in a hurry and the motor pegged the tach, locked up the rear tires for a split second, and I hurt the motor. I'm still in disbelief that I did this, but unfortunately I definitely hurt something. I just hope its something simple like a rocker came off or I bent a pushrod as I have no funds right now to redo anything else. Keep your fingers crossed for me guys. I feel like such a idiot :damnit: ... I STILL can't believe I freaking did this, but I am gratefull that I was quick enough with the clutch to avoid losing the car when the tires locked up for a split second.

    So now what... you all know there is no way in hell I can call it quits being this close to the 11's now. Its going to be a long summer as I plan my next move though, that I can guarantee! I'll put up pics and a video later as I'm to tired to do it now.
  2. holy hell.....12.03

    Time to change the times

    BTW-i thought you didn't like this talk section :D
  3. Here's the breakdown of the slip:

    R/T: .063
  4. sorry to hear about the trouble, keep rockin and rolling...BTW Pops got a nice car, too
  5. I think if you lost about 10 pounds you would be good....stop eating the fatty foods :rlaugh:
  6. OUCH...its always hairy when it over revs like that, missed 4th bigtime myself last year....4th...I couldn't freakin believe it...sounds like a nice save on your behalf....Sorry to hear that.....maybe its not hurt to bad...
    Never know whats gonna happen when your running it full tilt like that...Good luck to ya...12.03...so DAMN close... :bang:
  7. Paul, you seriously have the fastest h/c/i 94-95 convt. without a ???
    You should be seriously proud of that 12.03
    I really hope its something easy and cheap. :D
  8. i think a nice head message will definately get you into the 11's!:nice:

    sorry to hear about your little incedent, hope it's something simple.
  9. you'll get it i bet in your next track outing you will have it
  10. OUCH damn dude that sucks sorry to hear that man. Keep it up though bro you've come this far you can do it. Shame **** hapens like this when you plan on giving it up
  11. That's awsome about the time...I bet it's frustrating being so close. What are you going to do about the motor...Stroker? Like you said I hope it's something simple. Congrats though on what you did accomplish...
  12. Car always runs it's best before it breaks.
  13. I'm both happy and sad for ya man :) :(

    Agreed, you too darn close to hang it up now. Let us know on the motor when you can.

    OBTW, got the 5.0SF mag in the mail the other day. Pops ride is wicked :hail2:
  14. Thats too bad Paul :( So close this time :) Nice 60ft btw. Did you have the ET Streets ? I remember missing 4th gear last summer as well (but it didnt go in 2nd), I was like "how the hell can you miss 4th gear ?" :owned:

    Actually wasnt there a guy on the Corral who is already in the 11's N/A with his vert ? Paul's car still a beast though..Not taking anything away from it.
  15. wow, so close, so close.
  16. That really sucks paul. Great time though, even though its not the 11's. I hope you get things fixed up, cuz it looks like I will be comin home this summer (workin at a coal mine prob...ugh, but making $16-19 an hour as opposed to the $7 I've made for 3 years). But yea I was hopin to meet up at the track sometime, maybe get some driving tips, cuz I definitely have alot of learning to do.

    Good luck with the motor.

    you probably just spun a muffler bearing too fast :rolleyes:
  17. Sweet dude, what tire was this on?

  18. yeah check that and change the blinker fluid get the high speed pink stuff its great

    just trying to give ya a laugh hope it works
  19. Guys, I'm in a rush right now to get the car torn down so I will have to reply later with more details and such, but in the mean time here is the video of the 12.03 run.

    If someone could host this on their site for me I'd GREATLY appreciate it. Its only 3MB. I just know that the link will be dead shortly since I'm using yousendit.com and I'd rather not use putfile.com. Thanks!


    :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: