Mach 1 Just got my mach. NICE.

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by 00VERT GT, Jun 9, 2005.

  1. Just got her last week. Sold my baby...2000 GT triple black. Modded to hell and back. BUT MAN. After driving this mach it REALLY makes my GT feel like a damn pig. What a step up. GT's are kids toys compared to this. Very Nice car. Everything about it is way above the GT. Kickin myself for not getting one earlier.
  2. Cool. Nice purchase. How many miles on her? :nice:
  3. Good choice... Good luck with it!!

  4. Nice buy, congrats.
  5. Welcome to the Mach1 family...
  6. Nice, once u go Mach u never go bach, ur something like that. :D
  7. Congrats!
  8. Congrats!! Glad to here you are happy with it! :nice:
  9. She has just under 13k miles on her. Red wasn't my first choice (or second)in colors but the deal was too good to let go.
  10. :nonono: Should have got a 99/01 Cobra
  11. Reasons? The Mach 1 will smoke the 99/01 Cobra and has some better engine pieces than those too. Plus, just the looks alone are kick azz. :nonono:
  12. Nah, Mach is a glorified GT, and looks, can't compare to a Cobra, everyone knows a Cobra, everyday people who don't know Mustangs, think a mack is a regualar GT, but a Cobra is a Cobra no matter what :spot:

    And we'd see about smoking up in the higher RPM range and top end C-YA :banana:
  13. Yeah I don't know about all that.....As far as looks go, there is actually more things to set off a Mach1 than the 99/01 Cobra. The strips and the shaker have to be retarded to not be able to tell it's not a GT. I prefer the looks of the Mach over the looks of the older Cobras. Now the new 03/04 Cobra is a different story. Those definitely look badass, even more so than the Mach.

    Speed wise, they're pretty similar, but the Mach1 beats the 99/01 Cobra the whole way. The Machs have better heads, higher compression, higher gear ratio, and different cams. So the Mach1 definitely has the 99/01 Cobra beat in the quarter mile and long after that. ****, the Mach1 even comes pretty damn close to the 03 Cobra in straight line performance. The Mach1 is capable of 13.1s stock compared with the what? 12.8-12.9 stock time of an 03 Cobra? Not too shabby if you ask me..... :spot:
  14. :banana:
  15. :rolleyes:

    All current mustangs looks like V6s with some extra stuff if you wanna look at it like that. :shrug:
  16. Damn dude, put down the pipe and sober up. :rolleyes: Yeah, everyday people know a Cobra. Yeah, because maybe their's a snake on each front quarter of the car and a Cobra bumper in the rear. Gee, it's real hard to tell it's a Cobra. Strike one. And in case you have'nt learned to read yet, the Mach makes it's power up around 6,000 RPM's and red lines at 6,800. Hhmm......that high enough up top for ya'? Strike two. Line up up a 99/01 Cobra along side a Mach 1 and watch the Cobra get de-fanged. Strike Three, your outa here. And please don't be stupid enough to bring up the 03-04 Cobra's, you specifically said 99-01. :rolleyes:
  17. Haha I was going to reply the same thing ^ and read your post just before I submitted. He said wait for the higher RPM and "c ya?!!" HAHA that's funny. The Mach pulls like crazy after 3000, stock!
  18. I don't bother to read about the mack 1 :rolleyes: Why should I? Who cares, like I said, normal everyday people see a mack and thing hmmm a Mustang with a different hood scoop, they see a Cobra and they think, oh cool, a Cobra!

  19. Yeah, that's about your extent of knowledge of the Mustang, no matter what model it is. "oh cool, a Mustang". :rolleyes: Go away son, ya' bother me. :nonono:
  20. :flag: