Just Joined The Shelby Club

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  1. I just pulled the trigger and got a 2007 GT500 with only 3521 miles on it. The guy who traded it in had bought it for his wife and she was afraid to drive it. So they got a Raptor, not as scary to drive on city streets.

    My previous car was a 1973 Mach 1 which I had to sell 4 years ago.:cry:My plan was to get another 71-73 Mach next year after I'd saved up a few more thousand but then this came my way. I'm a sucker for blue and I've always wanted a Shelby (my daughters name btw) and then we got this car in trade. Divine providence.

    As I type this I've put less than 100 miles on it (got it 3 days ago) and don't have any pics of the actual car (got this one off the web), but I hope to post some soon.

    I gotta say I love the way this drives and shifts. I drove a 2012 GT500 prior to delivering it last week and coulnd't believe how notchy the shifter was. I don't know if they get smoother with use or not but new it's a PITA (not that I could afford the '12!)

    The only thing I'd want to change on the car is the white stripes to black.

    So as a new GT500 owner if anybody has any tips for me I'd appreciate them.

    I may have to change my name from pushrod power.

  2. Yeah... black stripes or no stripes. Either of those options are awesomsauce. :nice:

    Shoot me a PM when you have your new screen name picked out... AFTER you post pics of the new ride! :fuss:

  3. nice pickup!

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