Just retrofit my headlights with projectors

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  1. I had a HID kit and wasn't happy with the light scatter and didn't want to blind oncoming drivers so I decided to do something about it. I picked up a kit from retro-solutions and some aftermarket headlights off of eBay.
    It took me about 2 hours to retrofit the projectors in the headlight housing and about 30 minutes to install them in the stang.
    I think they turned out pretty good.
  2. That looks like an OEM job to me. :nice: And thank you for deciding to do it the right way, and save the vision of other drivers!
  3. They look great!
  4. Phenomenal job!! :hail:
  5. I was hesitant on the HID lights as well, for courtesy sake. I made sure I test drove the car at night as well as during the day and had my brother driving in front of me so I could test out the blinding factor. Turns out the lights are angled very well and didn't bother him one bit, not even the fog lights. Only when I hit the high beams did he take a solar flare to the face. Anyone else test out their HIDs?
  6. Very professional work!
  7. Thanks but it wasn't professional enough. lol. The passenger side got some condensation in it and I had to take it off and reseal it. Not going to have that problem again though as I siliconed around the entire case this time. While I had it apart I decided to paint the reflectors and shrouds black. It looks 1000 times better IMO.
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