Keyless entry 2000 mustang.


New Member
Jan 24, 2022
I have a 2000 Mustang v6 5 speed I just bought two aftermarket keyfobs and am trying to program them. Turning the key 8 times does nothing ive tried over and over. I think that my particular model may not include the keyless entry as it is the only 2000 mustang ive had (ive had 4) that didn’t have cruise control or the electronic seats i have another one same year same car but it has cruise control and electronic seats when i turn the key 8 times the locks cycle and it works like a charm. If the one just doesnt include the keyless entry would it be possible to transfer it from the other one? Also The keyless entry module is not in the trunk ive read it could be located under the dash for my model but i dont see if its there either i see the gem module