Known Non-ethanol Brands??

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  1. Are any brands known strictly by non-ethanol gas??
  2. We have a mom and pop station close to me that sells 93 oct. that is ach. free. Ill ask him if its branded. I run the stuff in the winter as it dont draw moisture as bad as the regular stuff.
  3. marathon oil here. its labeled right on the pump use it for my 2 cycle yard stuff.
  4. MA hasn't had 100% gas in years. :(

    Fortunately i replaced my fuel lines a few years ago and the hoses were E10 compatible. Still, i miss the extra power
  5. Go to this website to find ethanol free gas.

    I can't tell the difference between the pure gas, and the stuff cut with 10% ethanol.

  6. The fuel I pump out of the drum and into my car doesn't have ethanol, does that count?
  7. Whats your logo?? :rlaugh:
  8. I don't get it.... But for what its worth ive been using Dragon fuels Tarragon 116
  9. So looking at the page it has some with one, two or three pumps with the octane rating. So wondering if this would mean the individual pump has a disclaimer. I've seen stickers saying * contains 10% ethanol

    Ethanol builds moisture if sitting and can clog up injectors etc from the particles in the corn gas. Thats what I've read anyhow.
  10. Normally companies have a symbol for the product....
    guess you could use a glowing drum.
  11. Supposedly there are only stations that have 0% ethanol. I have honestly not had a problem in any of my cars running the stuff cut with 10%. My Mustang sits a lot too.