Kooks Header Install

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  1. Anyone have any experience with installing Kooks 1 3/4" headers on their car? Doing the install this weekend, and would love to have any tips in hand.
  2. i imagine it would be VERY similar to the GT. check out the GT Tech forum if you dont get many replies here...
  3. Well, mission accomplished. The attached vid's are very helpful. They are not 100%, but pretty damn close.

    Major items that were a challenge:

    - EGR pipe from header to intake. The factory location on the exh manifold was ever so slightly different. I took my time and crept on reshaping (bending) the tube. This added about an hour, but I really took my time.

    - Drivers header tube is harder to get in, but all in all not bad. The engineering on these bad boys is incredible, dipstick tube, steering shaft .... fit perfectly. Do take note of the location on the oil diptick tube prior to removing, otherwise you will be scratching your head trying to get it back in. Tak my word for it.

    - Header bolts a tough. Some are very easy, others take some time. Extensions, swivels and patience are required. You will need a good assortment of 13mm open and box ends. And you will need a 13mm S wrench, it was invaluable on the 4th and 5th cylinders.

    All in this was not that bad. Take your time, take a break when the patience runs out and you will be fine.

    There is one item I am chasing. The Catted X-Pipe has hangers, but my 2009 does not have provisions to support them. I am guessing Ford revised their design in 2008 maybe? Not sure, I have a call into Kooks and they are investigating. My 2006 GT does have these hangers, so I am anticipating that will fix my issue.

    Results? Incredible. The sound is something like a deep toned Ferrari. At idle, you can tell something is not stock, but once you get into it the sound is very Nascar'ish. It howls ....

    I have retained the stock axle to start, and may leave it that way to be honest.
  4. I didn't even attempt to install mine.
  5. I have a lift in my garage, and am pretty handy so I figured I would save a few bucks. I have a feeling I'll be helping a few friends witht he same install!

    Update from Kooks, they knew about the decommissioning of the hangers, and suggested just cutting the hangers off since the factory deleted them. I think I am going to chase down the parts and install them, I do not like the idea of the length of exhaust hanging off the back of the headers. Will post part numbers when I get them.
  6. Is the link still good?

    Is the link to the video still good? I clicked on it and Norton says it is stopping an intrusion attempt and shows that the link is trying to redirect me somewhere.

    If the link is no good, does anyone have a link to any other videos?

    EDIT: Nevermind... the Streetfire links are ok.