Larocca's Performance = AWFUL!!!

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  1. I was a big fan of the original Larocca's crew, but ever since they have changed owners and crew, the quality and automotive knowledge of this shop has plummeted to an incredible low. My recent experience there has been so awful that I feel I should share it with you all so you don't make the same mistake going there that I did.

    My 91 Mustang was dropped off at Larocca's a few months ago and I had DSS ship my 408 Longblock to them so it could be installed. After a few long months and many additional parts later (which they suspiciously claimed needed to be replaced), I was given the car back. Once the car was home however, it became clear that the car was not running right at all. In addition to melted plug wires, even once they were replaced I noticed that at anything more then 1/4 throttle, the car would backfire and essentially have no pickup at all. I began to wonder how they could have even tuned a car running so poorly. When I went to look for the dyno sheet which they claimed they had from the car, I found a dyno sheet from an 07 Saleen. Clearly they did not do the work they had claimed to have done.

    After calling and telling them about this, I was told that I could come back for a free dyno with their "Dyno Specialist". Come the day I was scheduled to get dynoed, I bring the car in and I have to wait for 6 HOURS before the guy got around to dynoing the car. Even more shocking is that when they go to dyno it, the "specialist" only gets it to 250rwhp....This is a $10,000 408 with AFR 225's. This car should be easily putting down 400rwhp or more. This dyno guy who is quite possibly the most idiotic automotive tuner of all time said that he had no idea why it was making such low numbers and made no attempt to improve the tune.

    So to sum up Larocca's Performance...

    - Poor Quality Work and very Unprofessional

    - Have no knowledge as to how to fix automotive problems

    and most importantly...

    - THEY LIED! They put a dyno sheet from a different car saying it was mine.

    So do yourself a favor and stay away from this shop. Poor job installing the motor, poor customer service and terrible tuning. This place needs to go out of business ASAP to save whatever dignity the Larocca's Performance name once had.

    Save your money and find somebody else to do your work.
  2. :eek: :nonono:
    so what is your next move? good luck
  3. wow that sucks,heard it too thats bad
    your not the only one to have problems with them..

    hey good luck with you car ,hope you find some shop to fix LAROCCA'S
    SCREW UP!!!!

    ps you dont need a specail person to run a dyno anyway!!!!
  4. That sucks bro. I had Jimmy C dyno my car a few years ago. He was great, awesome experience. I was actually going to call them for gears and a tune....but now that I read this I am glad I didn't. I hope you get your car fixed and running good.

    IN L.I.
  6. Please do NOT make that mistake!! :nono: :nonono:
  7. can you explain why? which one you prefer?
  8. wow, another LaRoccas bashing thread... not surprised :rolleyes:
    do a search on slvr302, he is/was a member here, he had similar problems and they pretty much destroyed his car, sold him parts he really didnt need, never solved his problems and basicly told him to have fun with it running like crap.

    if you cant find the thread, PM me, ill give ya his aol IM.
  9. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What happened to La Rocca's, He doesnt own it anymore? What happened to his old time crew? I have heard some horror stories, But on one i ever really knew,. i dealt with him a few times, it was always a good experience, ya gotta grab La Rocca himsef when your there, forget about the other dudes.
    As for Mustang Magic, i always had a real good experinece with both Joe's. i guess-every place has a bad day. Thank God-I never did with neither places. I guees-You can awlays shoot for Crazy Horse in South Amboy, NJ. I have never went there, but i have heard about them. As well as JPC in MA, i have been hearing a lot about that place, again-never been.

    Later Anthony
  10. In 04 I got a real hack job on my Procharger install from LaRocca. And it ran like crap and the recource was useless. I went to Kauffmans in Dillsburg Pa. to have it straightened out. Andrew was the hacker at LaRocca's...if he's still there..beware.
  11. bring the car by me, ill look at it for free, ill even play with the tune to see what the hell is going on......ive had 6 cars come from them in the past 2 months all screwed up. ill set ya straight, i bet on it, if i dont, dont pay me....if the car is fixable, then i can guarantee ill get it running right. im 20 mins southeast from them. exit 91 off the gsp.

    i just did a 428 efi ground up, tuned thru stock ecm and sct software, made 625 at the motor and perfect drivability.
  12. I have 3 friends that have gone to larrocas and all 3 were suckered into buying parts that they didnt need.One of them even had to have his car towed to my house to get it running after they changed the intake gaskets,didnt change the oil and left the antifreeze in the oil.The engine would not start and they could not figure out why.If anyone needs any installs on gears ,trans rebuilds or anything feel free to email me.I have been with Ford as a senior master technician for the past 15yrs.I work at a dealer during the day and work at home on mustangs and ford trucks.I hope you get that car straightened out,good luck
  13. Its weird I went to LaRocca's back in the Spring to discuss what I wanted to do with my car.....whoever I talked to was very understanding and great. So I went ahead and ordered the parts but didnt get around to having them installed till late July. It did not seem like the same crew at all; I remember when I called to make the appointment the guy i was talking to seemed like he had no clue what control arms were or a torque converter. Needless to say they did the work and everything seems fine. I cant really complain cause it was done and seems to be done right.

    I am planning an HCI Swap probably this summer early fall using Anderson Motorsports Quick Kit that they installed in 5.0 Mustang & SF. Wicked92 I will definitely check you out about it.....before I go back to LaRocca's cause I'm worried about all their bad press.
  14. Sold it...
  15. whoa...from the pics looks like a pretty hardcore place :nice:
  16. RiotAct1 (425RWHP) is there right now - - - RiotAct2 (TBD/RWHP) to will be going in shortly.


    By the way that is the coolest avatar/icon I have ever seen!!!

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  17. RIP Steve McQueen

    Do you know if Big Daddy Performance will do an HCI if I bring the parts to them or are they big on you buying the parts from them that they install? Thanks
  18. Well, let me say this - - - I sent a guy there that had his car to six different shops and no matter what they did they couldn't get it to run right at all. Dwayne took a look at it and found he was using generic/knock-off parts - - - he got him to get the good stuff and with some expertise and Big Daddy know-how now the guys car runs perfect and re raves about it. Dwayne is up front and honest and he knows his stuff...

    Call them up or stop by, talk to Dwayne (he's usually there, if not talk to Mike) - - - tell'em Anthony (RiotAct) sent you. Tell'em the parts you have and what you wanna do - - - he might tell you right over the phone - - - but generally he usually wants to see the car and/or parts. Let me know how you make out...