Exhaust Leak At Header Flange And Pipe

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  1. Hi guys,

    I was driving down a pretty uneven road this past weekend and I caught some rocks with my exhaust. One of the mufflers has a hole popped in it and the shorty headers now have a leak at the flange and pipe. I am not so much concerned about the muffler because it isnt really louder but as for the leak at the flange I am wanting to fix that. I don't want exhaust coming into the car as it is now. If anyone has any suggestions please drop me a line here.

  2. if you know where the leak is, try loosening up the flange and re-tightening it. if its bent, you can either fix or replace the part. Exhaust fumes are no joke. That muffler will likely cause the same problem, and should be replaced as well. Unless the hole is small enough to weld shut.
  3. Yeah I know the exhaust fumes aren't a joke, my uncle died of exhaust inhalation. I will try the flange idea, gotta spray PB blaster on those bolts though. As for the muffler, I have some resonators that I was thinking about trying to plumb in and just be done with it. Thanks for the response.
  4. sorry to hear that. good luck with the bolts.
  5. Some low buck fixes

    You can go to any auto store and get a muffler patch or tape and hopefully that will repair the hole in the muffler. For the header flange, see if a muffler shop can weld over the hole or mix up some JB weld.
  6. I am going to end up plumbing in my new resonators in place of the mufflers. As for the header flange, I have been spraying PB blaster on the bolts all week to help break down the rust and see if I can retighten the bolts and get the leaks to stop. Will update. Thanks for your help guys.
  7. red RTV the ball and socket joint before you tighten it up. we use it for header gaskets on the turbo car
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  8. Urgent!

    I began removing the passenger side manifold and ended up cutting it out. I had measured the new headers (BBK longtubes) and I thought that I would be able to clear it. I am not able to clear it. I have loosened the motor mounts but not removed the bolts. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can get the little bit more clearance that I need to feed the longtubes through? Should I remove the motor mount bolts completely? I would greatly appreciate any help.

  9. Unbolt the mounts, jack the engine. Do not delete the mufflers. The car will sound like :poo:.
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  10. So you're saying unbolt the mounts on both sides? and I agree about the muffler delete, its real bad
  11. If that's what's required. Try loosening them, then jacking them and see where you're at. If there still not enough room, try turning one all the way off and then checking again with the other side loose. If that doesn't do it turn them both all the way and jacking the engine right up. You may also need to loosen, remove the bolts from the transmission mount to gain enough clearance.
  12. Hey bud, got the passenger side in. Called it a night. To do the driver side I have to unbolt the steering shaft because as it sits now with the shorty headers it runs between pipes 3 and 4. Thanks for the help everybody. I'll let you know how the rest of it goes.
  13. I ended up having to loosen the motor mounts and jack up the engine a tad on each side with a block of wood. And to get the old shorty headers out I ended up making really good friends with a sawzall. The passenger side went in through the top and the driver side came in from the bottom. Both of them are in now though so I am glad about that. Thank you for all your guys help.
  14. Glad it worked out for you. Leak free now I take it?
  15. For the most part. I did not have a 2 bolt reducer on hand so I wasnt able to completely tie it all together but its good for the most part. I gotta order that among other parts this upcoming paycheck.
  16. Better late than never. 2 or 3 bolt flange? I've made these.... C Flange Bracket. Not available yet but u can b a tester no cost. Just honest review.
    Better late than never. Do u have 2 or 3 bolt flanges? I trued these on my headers, C Flange Bracket. They're in testing phase looking for testers no cost just honest review.

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zBdFKlVRh48&sns=em