SOLD Leather interior upgrade, rare items no longer available.

Discussion in 'Interior Exterior Parts' started by des89stang, Apr 8, 2012.

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  1. For Sale.

    Momo Montecarlo Steering Wheel with Momo horn button, fits any car, must purchase hub separately. $100 SOLD

    Ford Racing Cobra Leather Shift Knob, excellent condition- fits T5- $25 SOLD

    Ford Racing Cobra leather Shift boot, similar to SVO- no longer available- $60 don't be confused- this is the complete boot assembly, including the leather upper boot with the lower metal mount, all wrap in leather by Ford SOLD

    Ford Racing Cobra Leather E-Brake handle- no longer available - $75 SOLD

    $300 total plus shipping to your location. IMG_20120408_175033.jpg

    All items available separately at the prices listed plus shipping to your location.

    Email me at
  2. Revised pricing listed.
  3. There's a possible deal in place for the Hub and horn button, that would leave just the momo wheel with the original momo horn button.

    If that is the case, price for these items will go down to $250 total, buyer would have to pay for shipping and paypal fees.
    Should know by lunchtime tomorrow if the hub and horn button is sold.
  4. Confirmed... Ford horn button and hub sold, steering wheel with mint original horn button still available.

    $250 for all, plus shipping
  5. Momo wheel sold along with hub, shift knob and Leather e-brake handle.

    Only the leather shift boot remains- $60 shipped to your location
  6. $50 shipped to your location.
  7. I'll take it for 40 shipped to 28326
  8. If you still want the boot, I'll meet you in the middle $45 shipped to your location.
    Email me-
  9. Sorry already got one
  10. Shift boot sold, thank you Marty:nice:
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