lets just deal

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  1. well since we now have a talk section lets use it we are special now i think that we are the only 2 year run of stangs to get our own section so lets just be happy with what we got
  2. whats a fog light mod?
  3. check sig...
  4. This should be in TECH :bs:, but it's a mod so you can run the foglights with just the parking lights on.
  5. im just TALKING because i saw it in his sig and wanted to know what it was... Now off to Tech to learn more about this....
  6. I have to agree to live with this. As much as I would like to have the old days back, they're gone. Now we have the choice of either being happy with having our own talk forum (which I will remind everyone that we were told would never happen, so we should be happy we got this), or having only 94-95 Tech and then having to be thrown to the wolves in 5.0 Talk. Basically, mraburn must have some reason that he WILL NOT go back to the way things were, so I am putting down my guns because this is better than having to use 5.0 talk. Let's also not have a bunch of b.s. threads like all the threads on this forum so far, because if all we have is crap here, it'll be no better than 5.0 talk.

    Basically, I was ready to fight about the whole thing yesterday, but basically, I think I'm gonna just live with this because in the end it isn't so bad. Yes it is more inconvenient, but if thats what it takes for us to still have OT topics, then I'll go with the flow.

    Now let's get back to normal, I miss the old stangnet, so lets just try to assimilate this forum into our normal routine and be happy again.

  7. My point was, if this was the old stangnet you wouldn't have to go to a different section to learn more about it.

    I wonder how long it will be before we get a sticky to keep tech out of the talk section?
  8. now that this is a "talk" section we're gonna get people from who knows wher (98stangrhida for example)

    It already sucks, and its only been <hour
  9. Dude, no need to worry. It's not like you 94 95 guys are that popular anyway. :rolleyes:
  10. Just my $0.02 -

    I don't want to be bitter and angry, because then everything would sound like the OTHER talk sections.

    I liked reading threads in 94/95 Specific because everyone was friendly and jokey, it was a rare thread where flaming, name-calling or serious insults were being traded.

    It's a bit more inconvenient, but the way I look at it, it's just an extra mouse button click to go from checking the Tech section to checking the Talk section now.

    And as far as "keeping Tech out of Talk", the way I look at it is not all Talk is Tech, but all Tech is Talk. I don't see why we couldn't Talk about technical questions if they come up (like davins130) - if they wanted to keep Tech out of the "Talk" section, they should have called it 94/95 Non-Tech Discussion.

    Basically, please give it a chance, just act like it was before, and I have a feeling the 94/95 sections will be just like it was, just with another mouse click involved.
  11. Jason, Exactly.

    Now for those who need reasons, check the sticky in the Tech. There ARE reasons we do things around here.