Lets Play A Guessing Game

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  1. Getting dyno-tune this week. Lets get some guesses as to results.

    Built motor (9.5:1)
    Stage 3 heads
    D1sc @ 16lbs
    91 pump fuel
    full o/r exhaust
    stock cams :(

    Sorry for the underhood filth. Dust storms are frequent here and later washed.



  2. Auto or manual trans again?
  3. Hey Nightfire what made you decide to go with a Procharger setup? I don't really know much about the major differences about superchargers from Vortech and Procharger...
    I was told that if I wanted to supercharge mine that I should get a Procharger. I don't know if its just peoples preferences or if there is a major advantage?

    Im guessing you will put down about 390-420hp.
  4. Stalled auto

    Nothing wrong with Vortech or Paxton, they are great units. I needed it to be A-2-A intercooled. Vortech doesn't offer an A2A (have to fab your own piping, intercooler, etc.) setup and Paxtons A2A setup is pretty pricey. That's a reason why I went Procharger (their kits are all intercooled and not pricey). Im also a fan of Procharger, that's just me. Procharger head units are also just better overall units, billet compressor wheel, billet housing, and a dual bearing set up to help reduce wear and tear and keep temps lower. I also wanted a bigger blower without breaking the bank. The D1SC flows more than the Vortech T-Trim. The next bigger blower after the T-trim is the Y-trim which is pretty pricey. The D1SC is right in the middle at a reasonable cost.
  5. Damn you guys are bumming me out. I was hoping for around 500 :cry:
  6. 510. Stage 3 heads and 16lbs, it's going to move some air.
  7. I hate guessing games. :nonono:

    As you were. :pop:
  8. I only said low because I always seem to guess to high on these games. Plus you are in a higher DA area, IIRC.
  9. 525rwhp I made 425 on only 10-11 but using 94 octane

    This engine should really move some air with the stage 3 heads and 16lbs of boost.

    Why didn't you upgrade the cams??
  10. This build went over budget (big surprise) and they just weren't in that budget. I had to machine/repair the heads (valve seals, guides, etc) anyway so I had them do a port and valve job while they were in there.
  11. But boost is boost though. The only thing the DA would affect would be amount of boost produced (less air to suck in and compress). I am seeing 16lbs in this :poo:ty DA, so that means that I would see more boost the closer I get to sea level.
  12. Eh. Sorta true. 16 pounds is 16 pounds, but that doesn't mean both have the same amount of oxygen molecules in it.

    When will it be dynoed?
  13. Sometime next week. My tuner hasn't given me an exact date other than "definitely next week".
  14. Headers? If you're running manifolds with those stock cams, then I think you may be stuck in the 450-500 range. Throw some long tubes on with a nice cam and I think you might tap out your fuel lines. Also, what fuel pump are you using? Stock fuel rails?
  15. MAC LT's. Aviator 310lph pump, KB BAP, wiring upgrade, 60#'rs. Stock rails.
  16. Hmm, get a nice cam in there and you'll be able to make more power than those stock rails and fuel lines can support, lol!! Matter of fact, you might even have to switch to a return style system. As it is tho, I'm gonna aim high and say you'll be between 500 and 550.
  17. Yeah I know that Im just about at the limits of the stock lines, had no clue about the rails. Lethal has a good/cheap line upgrade kit and a nice budget return system.

    Lets throw this out there for discussion....say I save up $1K (easily attainable), what should be the next step with a $1K budget? I'm gong to hit the track after the dyno and Im worried about traction. I currently have 315 nitto NT555'rs and will gear down to 3.73. Should my next upgrade be a nice slick/wheel upgrade, a high quality meth/tune setup, a full intake overhaul (Vic Jr. or TrackHeat), or a fuel upgrade? Im not sure if a cam swap/tune is within that budget, but if so I'd do that first.