lets see some burnout pics!

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  1. you got any? or tire marks on the road is fine too.
  2. here ya go

  3. Shhh hey, come here. Just between me and you, some people on this forum don't take kindly to "spirited" driving unless it is on a track. If you keep your head low and keep walking, they might just miss you. Then again, if ya like to mix it up a bit have at it.
  4. Here ya go...

    Aussie Aussie Aussie :D


  5. Thats what the F### Iam talking about there damn wish I could do a burnout but cant brakes wont hold. :nonono:

  6. *pst* its just a burn out
  7. I know, I know. I was just giving advice. I posted a set or tread marks once and got blasted from all sides. I battled on that thread for a while. I was just posting a friendly warning.
  8. That's badass, that 3rd pic where all you can see behind the car is a white cloud .. that's amazing. I gotta see some more pics of that car, looked like it's tubbed, and what's it run?
  9. 302 with a fischer 7/61 blower. I dunno about 1/4 times, he doesn't do that much, just wins the burnout champion of the world comp at nearly every summernats. Here is a website http://www.carshowvideo.com/gallery/cat.asp?iCat=25

    This car is now being relegated to show work, he's building another more maniacal machine for dragging and burnouts.
  10. I don't think it's tubbed, although I could be wrong.
  11. Nah i'm pretty sure it's not tubbed, but not certain. It's an insane car though, i've seen it several times doing burnouts and it's awesome how quick he gets that smoke happening. ROUTE666 have u seen the pics of his new stang his making? I didn't think he could top the first one but it's looking like it will easily. Can't wait to see it at summernats this year...hopefully he has it ready by then!

  12. That was gay of them :notnice:
  13. Don't even think about mentioning street racing
  14. do light-light-to-light battles count?
  15. My word I've seen it, it's on that site that I linked to in a previous post. GO MYERS!! you crazy bastard. :rlaugh:
  16. GP001's right, if "they" find out that you even enjoy driving over the posted limit, let alone grin at the mere thought of second-gear chirpie, you'll be ridiculed and face the wrath of the "oh-my-God-you-did-what-to-your-car?" crowd.
  17. Am I right in thinking Myers' new car will have two superchargers?